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  1. USNGMG2

    August 2019 puukko

    98mm x 22mm blade, cocobolo handle, ebony spacers, peened brass front bolster and convex brass rear bolster.
  2. USNGMG2

    My latest 2019 project

    My latest puukko project: 95mm Scandi ground blade, brass bolster with peened finish, black fiber spacer, padauk handle and bison leather sheath. ]
  3. USNGMG2

    Latest Tommi puukko sheath

    Sheath I made for one of my 2018 puukko projects. Bison leather urethane sealed wooden insert. ]
  4. USNGMG2

    2018 puukko project gets a sheath

    Bison leather was used for the sheath with brass D ring and Chicago screw post.
  5. USNGMG2

    Making a sheath after surgery.

    While recovering at home after surgery, I made another sheath for one of my puukko projects. This sheath is buffalo leather I dyed black. I made the oval jump ring from 3/32" brass rod and the belt loop is secured by a Chicago screw post. the wooden insert is sealed with urethane.
  6. USNGMG2

    Latest Puukko sheath

  7. USNGMG2

    Finished another puukko sheath today.

    Bison leather puukko sheath with brass jump ring and carved wooden blade guard.
  8. USNGMG2

    Two more sheaths

    My first puukko finally got a sheath. Soon all my summer 2018 puukkos will have their sheaths. I wrapped another puukko today and the leather is drying. My Nordic style knife now has a sheath. Both are bison leather from Springfield Leather Co.
  9. USNGMG2

    Made my first puukko sheath

    I finally made my first puukko sheath. Actually, it is the first sheath I have ever made. Bison leather, carved wooden insert and jump ring I made from 3/16" brass rod. I used the double needle stitching method I learned from watching videos and reading the Nordiska Knivar website. I do make...
  10. USNGMG2

    New Nordic style knife

    100mm reworked Brisa Nordic Walker blade, tool marks removed and polished to 800x. .188" brass bolster with peened finish and a cocobolo handle.
  11. USNGMG2

    My entry into knife making

    Six years ago I started modifying Becker knives. Those first steps were the impetus for me to design and make knives and most recently puukkos. The first two are BK16 knives and the third is a BK14 Puukkos are here: I found...
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    Summer 2018 Puukko projects

    I spent some time this summer 2018 making puukkos. ]] ]URL='']URL='']/
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    Some of my first knife design Wips

    After some starts with 1095 and files a few years ago, I decided to purchase a Wilmont LB1000 2x72 single speed grinder. The learning curve was not too steep. I was bitten by the knife bug about a year prior to my retirement while modifying Becker knives. Drawing my design ideas and learning...