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  1. Roy Miller

    ribbon burner forge build

    The blower that I have is really to big. It came off a waste oil heater and I have it choked down as far as possible and also use some of the air to cool in front of the door.
  2. Roy Miller

    ribbon burner forge build

    I know that i'm about 6 months late but if you have any questions about the forge just let me know. the burner points up at an angle and gives very even heat. I only use 3 pounds pressure and it runs over 2500 degrees. Roy
  3. Roy Miller

    Forging press or Tire hammer??

    I spent a lot of time building a pretty good trip hammer, then I got a DVD of Ed making damascus with his press. Now my hammer gathers dust while I use the press I copied from Ed's.
  4. Roy Miller

    My nephew wanted to make a knife...

    I suppose we all have more observers than time but I always wonder how my life would have turned out if I had been introduced to knifemaking about forty years sooner.
  5. Roy Miller

    New drill press(s)

    Well it only weighs about 2,300 pounds with that one inch mounting plate on the table.
  6. Roy Miller

    Has anyone tried 316 stainless for guards?

    Thanks guys, I think I will try some.
  7. Roy Miller

    New drill press(s)

    The reason that I found that setup is that I already have one Edlund with T slot table and built in coolant that I rebuilt several years ago and I think it's the best drill press ever made. And the best thing about them is they are variable speed, you just turn the knob on front. Anyhow I had...
  8. Roy Miller

    Old school wheel!

    Boy that brings back a sore spot for me. My dad had one that size that had a diamond wheel for glass and some how it went away. I would trade a knife to have it back in a heart beat.
  9. Roy Miller

    New drill press(s)

    Well I finally finished the rebuild on my new $200.00 drill press so I thought I would show a before and after picture. Now if I would quit working on the shop and go back to making knives
  10. Roy Miller

    Has anyone tried 316 stainless for guards?

    I have found a steel supplier that carries 316 stainless in all the shapes and sizes I need for guards, pin and tubes at a good price but I usually use 416. 316 has about 4% more chrome and 12% more nickel but it is work hardened stainless. Does anyone have any thoughts or information:confused2:
  11. Roy Miller

    New forge !

    Wayne, I did add the smaller pictures at the bottom, but if you go to my web site there are even more. I wondered if anyone would notice the gas inlet. It comes in the back of the burner housing in a quarter inch steel line and comes out the front about eight inches. That is the way the waste...
  12. Roy Miller

    Different feathers

    I hate to repeat everyone else but WOW!! I think I have feather envy.
  13. Roy Miller

    New forge !

    The link above by airborne steel is to the site I used. Grant gives a great step by step on building the burner. He recommended 10 to 12 inch length but I made mine 14 and only used two rows of holes instead of three. I do have a little needle valve under the front edge of the table where I can...
  14. Roy Miller

    New forge !

    After years of striving, well OK, months. I have finally finished my new forge. This started out as a vertical blown forge with plenty of space in the bottom for flux to collect, however after finding a thread on ribbon burners I cut it up and made a horizontal with a ribbon burner. The burner...
  15. Roy Miller

    Considered cheating?

    sounds like quick thinking to me.
  16. Roy Miller

    Burner over kill

    I'm just using the blower, I heat the shop with oil and barley have enough oil for that. My knife shop is in the front of my transmission shop (my day job) I have already sold one lift to make more space and and the next one will be gone by summer.
  17. Roy Miller

    Burner over kill

    Well I decided to start building the burner for my new forge and what better source for a blower that my scrap shelve, I just happen to have a blower for a waste oil heater. Here is a shot of it burning with the air intake closed off. I think I can supply the burner and the air curtain for the...
  18. Roy Miller

    ready to purchase first 2x72 grinder, coote, grinder in a box, other?

    Well I might as well throw in my two cents worth. Being the ultra cheep person that I am I bought a Coote with a ten inch wheel and liked it so much that I got a second one with the small wheel add on and I love them. That being said I have to say that I don't mind making any attachments that I...
  19. Roy Miller

    Forge question

    Thanks guys, I just made a guess and did what looked about right.
  20. Roy Miller


    I wouldn't worry about what to do with it. Good steel always has a way of getting used up way to soon.