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  1. EdCaffreyMS


    Just speaking my own opinion.... I've used an Ameribrade, and think there are far better choices. Why? That machine is just too light weight and what I would call "flimsy" when compared to those that are more robustly built. In a 2x72 grinder, weight equals stability, increases smoothness...
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    Note to self:

    YEP! That 1/3 rule on each side is a slippery slope sometimes! ;) Teaching moment: AFTER drilling the "raindrop" pattern with a regular drill bit...... go back in with a 60 degree countersink and heavily slope the sides of the drill cut........ that will usually prevent those cold shuts...
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    A few thoughts on filework

    I'm late to the party, but will throw my thoughts out there..... Being a MS, and having judged a at both the JS and MS testing levels numbers of times..... I have a unique perspective on what I'll call "embellishments"....including filework. Speaking directly to filework, I've often found it...
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    This is getting old

    Thanks Craig! Made another trip to the ER this morning..... was up all night with groin pain and not able to "go" they stuck a cath in me and said...."You might wanna go see the Urologist in the morning." DUH! Cindy and I fly out on Thursday for another visit with the Docs in...
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    Lot's of choice out there these days. I'd encourage looking at the tried and true companies/grinders, and steer clear of the "johnny come lately" ones....they are only there trying to cash in on the popularity of knifemaking. Personally, I'm a KMG fan, but I'd also consider Bader...
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    This is getting old

    Just spent another 4 days in the hospital! GEEZ! Got to feeling really bad early last week, and had a routine pulmonary Doc Visit last Thursday. He looked me over and sent me straight to the ER. After a bunch of testing, the found internal infection, and fluid building up on my heart...
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    Quick Tips

    Some videos that will help save you time and money in the shop....
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    Shop Tour.....Installments 1-3

    Some more freebies offered a Touring the shop.....
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    Congratulations to Tim (my son)

    Congratulations to my Son Tim Ufferman! (Tim Lee) who is now the new DJ for KINX 102.7 morning show! You can listen live on the internet from 6-8am MST. at: Tim is also the owner, operator, and pretty much everything else for
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    Abrasive paste

    I did. I'm sure things vary from shop to shop....but for me, it was just way more fuss, mess, and hassle to use, then the results were worth. That doesn't mean it's not a good product, it only means it's not a good product for me. ;) Not really surprising..... those are two totally...
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    San Mai Bowie

    I gotta assume that was a typo......likely meant 1095? What confuses me about the mix is the 420hc. I don't understand why it would be used. It's .46 Carbon, 13% Chromium, .30 Vanadium, .40 MN, and .40 Si. So it doesn't aid in contrast, and doesn't really lend any benefits. It's very...
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    Abrasive paste

    The stuff listed in that link is exactly what I was referring to! We are on the same page. When it comes to buffing, and the use of compounds, all too often folks wrongly assume buffing can or should be used as a "shortcut" for removing scratches on blades. Most experienced makers...
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    Abrasive paste

    I know exactly what you're talking about. It is generally a water based solid "tube" of compound, that you apply to a spinning buffing wheel, then allow to dry overnight before use. It can also be had in thinned down versions in "jars". In theory, the compound breaks down as you use...
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    Milwaukee PortaBand Saw Problem......and how to fix it

    Some of you have heard me say in the past, that I DO NOT like Milwaukee power tools. I've had many less than favorable experinces with various Milwaukee tools, but what soured me forever was the portaband...... Just in case you have a Milwaukee portaband, I am posting this, along with the...
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    I wonder.......

    I saw a blurb on Facebook from Karl Anderson about these......he was singing the praises. BUT! I also understand and agree about things made in certs, no warranties, etc....... so I suspect it's the old "Buyer Beware" thing.
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    KMT Videos (5 Minutes with the Mastersmith) Installments 1-5

    Tim's "Black Knife"......the story behind it, and a quick sharpening on the belt grinder.....
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    KMT Videos (5 Minutes with the Mastersmith) Installments 1-5

    How my shop days routinely go.....and a chat on some general things. ;)
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    I wonder.......

    You're preaching to the choir with that one! :) Not only am I dealing with autoimmune disease, but also interstitial lung disease. Docs are convinced that at least part of my lung issues were caused by the autoimmune stuff, but I also have factors from my military career, and the knife...
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    KMT Videos (5 Minutes with the Mastersmith) Installments 1-5

    5 Minutes with the Mastersmith/Installment #3
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    Press build update

    When choosing a cylinder for a forging press, the key is DIAMETER..... the larger the better. Why? Unless you have all your hydraulic hoses custom made, they are only rated for 3,000 psi. (custom hose can be made in up to 5000+ psi but they get REALLY SPENDY the higher the rating)...