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  1. Sean Jones

    Does Claro Walnut need to be stabilized?

    Basically just what the title says. I'm thinking not, since it's so dense, but thought I would get some input from here just to be sure. I'm planning on using some on my KITH Bowie. Thanks for any input
  2. Sean Jones

    WIP Bowie 2019 KITH - Sean

    When I worked in IT naming conventions were a big thing. Thus I decided to name this thread the way I did to avoid confusion. Since there may be a number of similar WIP's for the KITH I thought this might help. Just a suggestion for sure. But I think it might help with clarity. Any rate I have...
  3. Sean Jones

    Couple questions on forge build

    I'm back to working on a forge build very similar to the one that Gliden07 is building. Here's a photo of where I am at. Now I'm at the point where I need to either find someone who can weld my project or as an alternative use JB Weld Exteme Heat for the bungs and also likely for the legs...
  4. Sean Jones

    Knife No 7

    After bollixing up the stabby thing I was working on earlier this month I came up with a 5" drop point hunter instead. The handle still needs some minor cleanup. Knife is AEB-L from USA Knifemaker, heat treated by Texas Knifemaker Supply. OAL is 9 inches. Blade length from end of Ricasso is 4...
  5. Sean Jones

    What will give the most bang for my buck? Disc grinder or metal band saw?

    I'm at a point in my process where I feel like I'm spending an excessive amount of time on two things; cutting out profiles and sanding a tapered tang flat. For blade blanks I'm currently drilling holes around the profile and then cutting it out with a hacksaw and then finishing up the profile...
  6. Sean Jones

    Opinion on makers mark

    I'm getting ready to order some stencils from Ernie for marking my knives and would like opinions on my mark. My last name obviously is very common so I've included the city and state. The only drawback I can see is West Jordan is a suburb of Salt Lake City and some people may look else where in...
  7. Sean Jones

    Is Cryo necessary for AEB-L?

    I have two AEB-L blades that I'm getting ready to send out for heat treat. It looks like most places charge extra for Cryo, albeit not much. I'm not looking to be cheap but if it's not a necessity I'd like to save a few dollars. Also Peters heat treat charges 32.00 a piece for lots smaller than...
  8. Sean Jones

    Looking for design critique and input

    It doesn't look like the design thread has been used for several months so I decided to post my inquiry here. So here's what I've come up with. I'm planning on G-10 scales in black, blade made from AEB-L. I'll be sending it out for heat treat and will be grinding post heat treat. I looked...
  9. Sean Jones

    Grinder motor died. In a quandary which direction to go, VFD or?

    Earlier this week the 1 1/2 HP motor on my grinder died. I thought at first a bearing had gone out, so I took it partially apart and the bearings looked OK. So I took the motor down to a local repair shop and they found a short in the winding's. They quoted me $400.00 to rewind the motor...
  10. Sean Jones

    Reintroduction from Utah

    I just changed my profile name from DropPoint to my actual name and thought it would be appropriate to re-introduce myself. Many things have changed in my life since I joined here almost eight years ago. I recently took an early retirement from the corporate IT world to take care of my wife. She...
  11. Sean Jones

    Thinking of making a Damasteel Push Dagger but have questions

    I hope this is the right place. I considered putting this in the newbie area but I thought I would get more exposure here. If it needs to be moved elsewhere mods please feel free to do so. I won a very nice piece of 5" Rose Pattern Damasteel in the Damasteel give-away and am thinking of...
  12. Sean Jones

    Occlusion in bolster pin

    My next knife has been going real well until I ran into a problem with an occlusion in one of the bolster pins. I ground it down about as far as I dare go and it is still there. I pounded the heck out of the pins when I put these on and I thought everything was good. Can I salvage this or...
  13. Sean Jones

    Problem with Drill Press

    Hello, I have a Harbor Freight bench top drill press that is driving me nuts. When I first bought the drill press two years ago it worked fine. I had no problems drilling holes multiple times in 1/8" 1095. For about the last six-nine months I have been going through drill bits at what seems...
  14. Sean Jones

    Manual Machinist Course- is this the right direction ?

    I'm looking to improve my knife-making skills and our local community college has a complete Manual Machinist Course. It includes the following courses. I don't believe I have to take them in order though it would probably be beneficial to do so. KMAT 0010 Machine Shop Intro. KMAT 0050...
  15. Sean Jones

    working with Black & White Ebony for scales

    I've been given a small piece Black & White Ebony by my family and am wondering how to work it and finish it. It's a very nice looking piece of wood and from what I can gather looking around online is fairly rare. Any input is appreciated thanks.
  16. Sean Jones

    Recommendation on Band Saw blades?

    Hello I've been given a Sears Craftsman 10" Band Saw as an early Christmas present. Since it was a demo model it didn't come with any blades and I'm wondering what are the best general purpose band saw blades for knife making? I did a search and didn't find much mention about brands or teeth...
  17. Sean Jones

    Cottonwood as a scale/handle material

    Hello I had a large cottonwood tree in our front yard which has been cut down and have a lot of it still, including a solid piece of the stump. It is considered a softwood I believe. This was more than three years ago so the remaining wood is well cured Has anyone had any experience using...
  18. Sean Jones

    How would you build a Kukri?

    I think this is beyond my skill set right now, but for those that have done so what approach do you take to making this type of knife? I'm thinking it would be difficult to do so without at least some forging. Just curious for now. Thanks for any info.
  19. Sean Jones

    Tutorial or help on using a file for flat grind?

    I have a 4 X36 grinder that I used for my first knife, but I found it extremely frustrating and time consuming. It just doesn't seem like the right tool. Plus when I was done I don't think I really had a flat grind. So now for knife number two I've decided to use a file. I've made good...
  20. Sean Jones

    My first knife from scratch...sort of

    Here is my first knife from scratch...sort of. A little background. I did two kit knives before this one. One turned out OK the second one turned out abysmal and I scrapped it. Then I tackled a knife from scratch using an F-150 leaf spring. After grinding and grinding and grinding, I gave up...