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  1. soundmind

    A few thoughts on filework

    I thought there was the potential of that.... When I first forged out a few blades I had them on the floor by the woodstove and had a guest come in. We started talking about knives and I showed him those. He looked down at them and said, "oh." I know what he thought too, because when I had my...
  2. soundmind

    A few thoughts on filework

    Thanks for fielding the question John. Sorry if I opened a can of worms. I'll post up some pictures of what I've been doing later. This past week I've revisited some work I had settled on. I didn't forsee that I would de-rail your thread. Another lesson learned on forum etiquette.
  3. soundmind

    A few thoughts on filework

    Thanks John. I've wondered this about other embellishments. It comes to mind often lately with my new build. I want to give this person I'm making a knife for ivory or mastodon bone in the knife. But I can see that a cleanly ground knife without the ivory/mastodon is better than a shoddy ground...
  4. soundmind

    A simple hunter

    looks really clean
  5. soundmind

    Blade Hardness

    I see some of the older folks using files in the field to sharpen their knives even though they own stones at home. I think their just dressing up an edge temporarily with the file when they do that - I hadn't thought to ask until now. But I have noticed you need to know how to get rid of a...
  6. soundmind

    While the KITH Bowie is tempering:

    Nice filework design.
  7. soundmind

    Kevin Zito - KITH 2019 Bowie WIP

    I think I saw a knife like that going for 5K somewhere. nice!
  8. soundmind

    Harpoon clip Bowie

    super clean fit up, Jason. I like the brass and maple, too - classic look.
  9. soundmind

    right knives for 1075?

    thanks folks - and I hope to get some propane before I have another go... I was using wood before just to see what would happen.
  10. soundmind

    right knives for 1075?

    User friendly was what I was after when I bought it. That was the impression I had anyway. It's good to know that if I get these knives heat treated properly I can compete. But heat treating is a huge obstacle for me - to have confidence in it anyway. I'll be digging into my 1075 after I finish...
  11. soundmind

    right knives for 1075?

    Just to clarify... it won't matter what kind of knife I make with 1075 without temperature control?
  12. soundmind

    right knives for 1075?

    Yeah, and again, I had second thoughts after I asked that last question too... I think I remember reading that time/temperature spreads out all the carbides and the quench only holds them there. So, the quench isn't adding hardness, it's just getting the job done (at the right speed per...
  13. soundmind

    right knives for 1075?

    I almost immediately followed up my original post with "maybe it doesn't matter.":)But I had seen both types of knives made from 1075 and decided to let he question stand. Thank you for the reply. I have some Parks 50 but would the blades (say 4" range) benefit from experimenting with a water...
  14. soundmind

    18th Century New Orleans Fighter

    Since I've joined the forms I have always enjoyed your knives. I didn't even see this before I asked my 1075 question. You're handle looks super strong and has me interested in frame handles now. My internet is too slow to get a close up right now but looks beautiful. Thanks for showing. -Luke
  15. soundmind

    Law Enforcement Knives

    Especially true if there's more than one person.
  16. soundmind

    right knives for 1075?

    I saw that Darrin Sanders mentioned 1075 was good for choppers on the knife steel reference. What about 2"-4" hunting and general purpose knives? I don't want to make any long knives for awhile. Also what kind of edge holding should I be getting out of it? I'll be using either charcoal or gas...
  17. soundmind

    I wonder.......

    Thank you very very much. On this part about being able to smell through them, I had that question myself. "If I can smell the steel or the antler or wood, whatever I'm working on -does that mean I'm also breathing it?" I know someone who works for a mining outfit cutting up the core samples...
  18. soundmind

    Post here for design critique.

    I used the pattern of drawing C to help me re-make this handle. This is a blade design I'm experimenting with. Please critique the match -up. Measuring from the front of the guard forward and back: the blade is 4 1/4" inches - handle landed at about 4 3/4"
  19. soundmind

    Post here for design critique.

    that'll be next years designated KITH. I don't know how you'd even grind the bevels to make the (tip?) front.
  20. soundmind

    Post here for design critique.

    I posted in another thread that I wrestle with handle to blade proportions. I stumbled across this in David Boye's "Step by step knifemaking": He's got about 20 pictures like this for cleavers, bread knives, paring knives and utility knives too.