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  1. Randy Lucius

    Lucius KITH 2019 WIP

    Been waiting for some materials to come in. They’re here, so this is what I have in mind. I’m not up to the Bowie challenge. I just don’t feel my skills are at a level that I could produce a Bowie that I would be happy with. Instead I’ll be making one of my “Hunter” models. Steel is Alabama...
  2. Randy Lucius

    Oil For Surface Grinder

    Just recently purchased a Boyar Schultz 6x12 grinder. The top oiler is empty. What type oil do I need and where do I get it? I don't want to run the machine until I add oil. Only ran it long enough to make sure it worked.
  3. Randy Lucius

    Help On Hamon

    After heat treating what grit should the knife be finished to before etching? 800? 1000? Higher? Any tips on finishing ?
  4. Randy Lucius

    Replacing A Glass Platen

    When I made my first flat platen I used JB Weld to attach the glass. Time to replace it. Is there anything better that's maybe not so messy?
  5. Randy Lucius

    Mesquite and Osage Orange

    Made this for a friend that's a baseball coach. Team colors are brown and yellow so I used mesquite and Osage orange. Natural pins and black liners. Steel is Nichols Damascus boomerang pattern. Still need to sharpen but hope to surprise him with it at the game on Saturday.
  6. Randy Lucius

    Just A Reminder

    Although our country may have a few problems it's still the greatest country in the history of mankind. Take a few minutes today to count your blessings. You have many!
  7. Randy Lucius

    Shiny Maple

    Finished this one. Just needs sharpening and it's good to go. Hard to get a good picture because it's so shiny. :) I'll try again later.
  8. Randy Lucius

    Something Different

    Wanted to do something a little different so I tried some color changing C-Tek. Depending on the viewing angle it’s either red or blue. Looking down it lengthwise it’s red, white and blue. Not everyone’s cup of tea but the people I’ve shown it to got a kick out of it. I said it was different. :)
  9. Randy Lucius

    Ironwood and Ebony Hunter

    Finished this one up tonight. Alabama Damascus, buckshot pattern. Ironwood and Ebony scales with a nickel silver spacer and nickel silver pins . Black and white liners.
  10. Randy Lucius

    Source for Red Liners

    Looking for some "bright"red liners. The red G10 I've seen is opaque and ends up looking more maroon than red. I've seen people suggest using plastic from detergent bottles but I'm not sure how well that will hold up or how it will react with epoxy.
  11. Randy Lucius

    Youth Hunter

    Finished up a Youth model hunter last night. First knife with a real Maker's mark using a stencil that I got from Ernie. Very pleased with the way the mark turned out and Ernie is a great guy to do business with. Specs on the knife are: Steel: Aldo's 1084 Tan and Green Burlap Mircata Natural...
  12. Randy Lucius

    Website Critique

    I'm not a webmaster but I put together a website of sorts. If you have time to look it over and give me some feedback it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!!
  13. Randy Lucius

    Parks 50

    I'm using 1084 and 1075. Heating in a mini-forge to non-magnetic and quenching in Canola oil. Would there be any advantage in switching to Parks 50?
  14. Randy Lucius

    Stainless Steel Recommendation

    Planning to make my daughter-in-law a set of steak knives and would like to use stainless steel. Since I don't have a heat treating oven I'll have to send them out for that. What steel would you recommend?
  15. Randy Lucius

    Feather Pattern Damascus

    Anybody have a good source of some nice quality feather pattern Damascus?
  16. Randy Lucius

    First of 2019

    First one for 2019. 1084 with crosscut micarta and Osage Orange. Black liner and spacers. Natural micarta pins. I'll try to get some better pictures when we get a little sun. It's been raining here for about three days now.
  17. Randy Lucius

    Glow in The Dark

    Finished up a knife for my grandson's hunting buddy. 14 year old young man. Thought he would get a kick out of the glow in the dark handles. :)
  18. Randy Lucius

    Two For Christmas

    These two were ordered for Christmas presents. They will be my last for 2018. I sold 6 knives during the holidays. That doesn't sound like much but it represents a large portion of my production over the last few months. All sales by word of mouth. Didn't post any on Instagram or Facebook. I'll...
  19. Randy Lucius

    Blog Post

    I'm working on a customer's knife for Christmas and posting a blog as I go. It's not meant as a step-by- step tutorial but to show some of the work that goes into making a knife. I'll update the blog as I make progress on the knife. If you have time check it out and let me know what you think...
  20. Randy Lucius

    Opinion on 1075

    Just about all of my knives have been made with Aldo's 1084. I'll probably need to order some more steel soon and Aldo's website says he is out 1084 in the thickness and width that I use. How does 1075 compare to 1084? He has that in stock. Pretty much the same as far as heat treating? I've read...