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  1. Lagrange

    Grinding today

    Nice work.
  2. Lagrange

    Most Recent Work

    Your hamon looks nice, the overall look is good, and the proportions look good (aside from the pin location) I'd use it and see how it preforms. That information is just as important as how it looks.
  3. Lagrange

    First Flat Grind

    Looks good to me.
  4. Lagrange

    To much time!

    The greatest urges to accomplish tasks have come to me when I am most unable to attempt them. There are plenty of things you can do, none of which are as satisfying as actually working. Pour yourself into the things that you can do. Not the least of which is planning. I was watching one of...
  5. Lagrange

    Slipjoint #8

    Very nice looking knife.
  6. Lagrange

    Swept Point Skinner 1095/with hamon

    Crisp and clean with complimentary handle material. I like that. Good job!
  7. Lagrange

    Redwood Burl Belt Knife...

    Absolutely love it. The design, materials, fit and finish...very, very nice.
  8. Lagrange

    My Makers Mark

    Nice. I like it.
  9. Lagrange

    Acid & Stone washed EDC

    I've never tried tumbling but I think I should give it a try if it ends up half as nice as yours.
  10. Lagrange

    Pro photo of my award winning knife.

    Very, very stunning work
  11. Lagrange

    So finally finished knife #1!!

    Nice job!
  12. Lagrange

    Made myself a Knife

    Well done..! Looks very capable of handling some tough chores. Good job!
  13. Lagrange

    Gambler's Vest Bowie

    I really like this one but then I seem to always like your work. Very nicely done.
  14. Lagrange

    Started my first knife.

    Welcome to knife making. The wonderful thing about regular steel is that it is cheap and it makes excellent templates. I have a drawer full of templates made from regular construction steel. Clamp your template over your carbon steel and scribe the outline. Good luck!
  15. Lagrange

    Texas Bowie by Jason Fry

    Nice knife and you've captured it very well. Good job both of you.
  16. Lagrange

    Knife shaped steel. My first knife!

    For your first knife I'd say you're off to a good start. I like to sand my blades to 600 grit before heat treat. It's a matter of preference I suppose, but 220 leaves some fairly deep scratches and they are harder to get out after heat treat than before. At any rate, keep up the good work and enjoy!
  17. Lagrange

    4 inch Hunter in Walnut

    Sweet looking knife
  18. Lagrange

    Modern bowie hunter

    Nicely done!
  19. Lagrange

    Brass bolster drop point

    This is an impressive piece. To me it is a mixture of simplicity, ruggedness, and styling. I like the way the red liners contrast with the light colored wood.
  20. Lagrange

    Blackwood and Blacklip Pearl...

    Nicely done John. Your work has always impressed me and this is no exception.