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  1. Roy Miller

    New drill press(s)

    Well I finally finished the rebuild on my new $200.00 drill press so I thought I would show a before and after picture. Now if I would quit working on the shop and go back to making knives
  2. Roy Miller

    Has anyone tried 316 stainless for guards?

    I have found a steel supplier that carries 316 stainless in all the shapes and sizes I need for guards, pin and tubes at a good price but I usually use 416. 316 has about 4% more chrome and 12% more nickel but it is work hardened stainless. Does anyone have any thoughts or information:confused2:
  3. Roy Miller

    New forge !

    After years of striving, well OK, months. I have finally finished my new forge. This started out as a vertical blown forge with plenty of space in the bottom for flux to collect, however after finding a thread on ribbon burners I cut it up and made a horizontal with a ribbon burner. The burner...
  4. Roy Miller

    Burner over kill

    Well I decided to start building the burner for my new forge and what better source for a blower that my scrap shelve, I just happen to have a blower for a waste oil heater. Here is a shot of it burning with the air intake closed off. I think I can supply the burner and the air curtain for the...
  5. Roy Miller

    Forge question

    I am getting ready to build a new vertical forge and I'm not sure how much space to leave between the burner and the opening ( how tall to build it ). After insulating, the inside will be fifteen inches deep and eight to ten inches wide. I will leave several inches below the burner for flux but...
  6. Roy Miller


    I have been reading a different forum on forging and they were talking about using kerosene to fill the air spaces in a can to remove the oxygen. Now they do recommend leaving a pin hole in the can, but that still seems dangerous to me, what do you do?:52: Roy
  7. Roy Miller

    Screw size?

    I want to use screws to attach Damascus bolsters to a fixed blade knife. What size are you guys using:les:?
  8. Roy Miller

    Junkyard blade

    Hey guys, here is a blade I made from 1095 with 4% nickel and some scrap sprag elements out of a transmission. What do you think?
  9. Roy Miller

    Better late than never

    I signed up last December so I guess I should introduce before the year is over. I started making knives back in 2002 but have only been serious about it for the last 2 or 3 years and even now only part time. I am a knife maker trapped inside a transmission guy. I am trying to spend more time on...
  10. Roy Miller

    Question about working mammoth ivory

    In the last month I have been able to get my hands on several pieces of mammoth ivory and although I achieved this feat without selling my first born I am still nervous about working with it. The maker I got it from said he allows his to absorb mineral oil over night before finishing it. I think...