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    How to use rigidizer?

    Im about to apply some PSH silicat rigidizer to my forge but it came with no instructions. I cant find any online either other than... safety gear, spray bottle. What im mostly wondering is... its blue liquid with 50% blue silicate crystals. sooooooo I cant keep the crystals and liquid mixed...
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    Looking for makume videos or guides

    I saw a really cool picture of what I believe was going to be a version of makume. It looked like a small gift wrapped box but the wrapping paper was brass. Seems like the theory in this case is something like container Damascus or perhaps mosaic. Ive been trying to find a video demo of this...
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    Forge burner picture

    Im not really new here, just been a while. I lost my password, and my recovery email account no longer exists. Its me Black cat! XD Anyway... I sketched a picture of a burner in a forge wall because I can never find any pictures of this. I want to make sure its 2 inch thick kaowool 1/4 inch...