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  1. MOA_Shooter

    Feb. 2013--Bubble Jig with a mystery damascus billet to grind on giveaway.

    555 please. Thanks for the opportunity :biggrin:
  2. MOA_Shooter

    What are your favorite production folders?

    Voted for CRK, my EDC is a small classic Sebenza.
  3. MOA_Shooter


    I'll take it..., e-mail sent. 2thumbs
  4. MOA_Shooter

    Rick Frigualt Sidekick Custom and Camillus Talonite Talon

    Rick Frigualt Sidekick Custom - Price Drop Rick Frigualt Shodan Sidekick Custom $195 price drop to $175 another drop $155 STEEL: 5/32"x1" ATS-34 ; BLADE: 3½" ; HANDLE: 4½" ; OVERALL: 8" The bead blasted handle is full-tang with G-10 scales, carbon fiber thong hole tube, and black...
  5. MOA_Shooter

    CRK Sebenza Snakewood Inlays and BM 710 Users

    CRK Large Sebenza Snakewood Inlays Withdrawn.
  6. MOA_Shooter

    Electric etcher question.

    The link requires you to register to view the photos. Could you post them here?
  7. MOA_Shooter

    Hello from Sarnia

    Snow...? I'm further south than you. We live in the "Bannaba Belt" of Canada cool 1 .
  8. MOA_Shooter

    Hello from Sarnia

    My name is Kevin Miller and I'm from Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. Sarnia is about one hour north of Detroit across from Port Huron Michigan. My parents were missionaries in Africa and I was born in Swaziland (hence the Swazi flag in my avatar). We moved to Canada when I was eight. I have been...
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    Knives from South Africa

    I can't see the pictures either.
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    I just invited a few -- thousand people

    First Post Hello everyone..., this is my first post. Looking forward to perusing these pages. Thanks Tracy for the invite to the forums and for the coupon 2thumbs. I did not get an e-mail either but followed the link from the main page on