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  1. J. Doyle

    What's going on in your shop?

    Your knives AND leather have come a long way my friend. Those sheaths look great.
  2. J. Doyle

    What's going on in your shop?

    Working on getting this hunter assembled tomorrow.
  3. J. Doyle

    Grind line radius help

    So much of this issue has to do with pressure. Drew is correct in the above post, but a LOT can be overcome by paying attention to how much pressure you're using. This can compensate for these issues regardless of platen corner shape or belt weight.......though as Drew mentioned, those things...
  4. J. Doyle

    304 bolsters?

    I guess I'm the odd man out here. I love 416 stainless. In fact I much prefer it to nickel silver. I find 416 to be easy to work and it drills files and polishes like a dream. Nickel silver is gummy and sticky to work with it seems to me. Here's the last one I did with 416 fittings:
  5. J. Doyle

    Sharpen vs non sharpen display knives?

    I've fortunately not been asked to make any blades for cosplay or I would decline so I guess that's a non issue for me. All my blades leave my shop sharp. What someone does to them after they leave is out of my control.
  6. J. Doyle

    Forged texture on chefs/ kitchen knife

    That must be a fancy technical culinary term. I don't know about you kitchen knife guys. :rolleyes: ;):p
  7. J. Doyle

    Color of etch??

  8. J. Doyle

    Stupid ADD!!!

    In short: are not correct in your assessment. In more detail: there are certain handle types, specifically on kitchen knives, that are used ALL DAY LONG every day that are intentionally shaped asymmetrical to, in theory, fit the hand better and reduce fatigue. Those handles are...
  9. J. Doyle

    Retro’s KITH : Design Question

    *IF* one uses the sandbar knife as the starting point to kick off the bowie craze: its funny that the original was a guardless, (likely)full-tang, chef/butcher style blade. Most now days are clip point, hidden tangs with guards. Something went off the rails somewhere. :D
  10. J. Doyle

    Retro’s KITH : Design Question

    By all accounts that I'm aware of the original 'sand bar Bowie' was a huge guardless knife that looked like a butcher knife. If that's true, it was probably full tang. The term bowie can mean just about what any maker wants it to mean. And I think very few care. It is ironic that a guard is...
  11. J. Doyle

    Retro’s KITH : Design Question

    You don't HAVE to harden anything but the cutting edge. I usually don't harden any tangs or ricassos unless its Damascus.
  12. J. Doyle

    Retro’s KITH : Design Question

    I would make it as long as possible. 8" of blade from tip to guard with 4" of tang should be doable.
  13. J. Doyle

    Little 3-piece hunter...

    Fortunately this is about as easy of a pattern as you can do. This blade was literally a cube of scrap off the floor that was a cutoff of the end of another billet. I just didn't want to waste it.
  14. J. Doyle

    Little 3-piece hunter..., you crack me up. I love your posts. :cool: Those 4 pieces are key to this whole build style.
  15. J. Doyle

    Little 3-piece hunter...

    Thanks for the comments everyone. I appreciate it.
  16. J. Doyle

    Little 3-piece hunter...

    It means that the scales are left intentionally proud of the tang all the way around.
  17. J. Doyle

    Little 3-piece hunter...

    Hi Gene. Yes they are museum fit. Good eye!
  18. J. Doyle

    GeneK's KITH Bowie

    Going by feel and eye is great if you have the ability......but few do. The more drawings, planning, keeping things flat/square/parallel and using layout lines, the more precise you'll be....and not just one time....its repeatable. So you can get consistent, predictable results. There will...
  19. J. Doyle

    Hand Made Gadgetry

    I do all my grinding free-hand. But I LOVE homemade tools and gadgets:
  20. J. Doyle

    Little 3-piece hunter...

    I just finished up this little three piece hunter. Well....actually its 16 pieces total. 3 1/2" blade of 15n20 & 1084 pinstripe Damascus. Checkered koa scales. Gold screws. 7 3/4" overall Any and all comments and discussion welcome.