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    san mai seax

    A simple seax in san mai... sides are wrought iron, core is 1084, handle is rock maple, sheath fittings are bronze. 6 1/2" blade, 12 3/4" overall length. Very light and fast in the hand.....
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    the 2015 Bowie project

    The guy who taught me to forge and make knives is a bowie knife fanatic, and it has rubbed off on me just a little bit, I have a deep appreciation for the early, historic bowies. Recently I had a guy ask me for a "big, scary looking damascus knife" (I love orders with simple directions like...
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    little wolf

    I forged this blade around 2 years ago, during my experiments with achieving a 'wolfstooth' weld. The wolfstooth is often seen on viking era spears and seaxes, which this knife is based on, though more Saxon than viking... I heat-treated the blade, then laid it aside, and promptly forgot about...
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    a wee little seax

    This started as a billet end that looked just big enough to forge something out of... one should never let good steel go to waste. The blade is 1084/15n20 twist, wrought iron, and a W1 edge, 2 5/8" long. The handle is some very nice boxwood I traded for last year, sheath has bronze...
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    laminated puukko

    I've always wanted to make a Scandinavian style knife and finally got around to it... The blade is W2 sandwiched with wrought iron, not quite 4 inches long, handle is masur birch. Thanks for looking.
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    what I've been up to lately

    Some of what I've been up to lately... Blade made of 2 opposing twists of 1084 and 203e, framed with 203e, framed with W1, 7 5/16" long, 1 5/16" wide, .29" thick. Handle is 5400 year old bog oak, sheath is leather with bronze fittings and brass rivets and rings. Overall length is 13 7/16"...
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    odd question about corby bolts

    I need to know the thread size on the 1/4" diameter corbys, as I'm hoping to use them in an unorthodox manner.... does anyone know?
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    pattern-welded broadsax

    This one proved to be a challenge... 24 1/4" overall length, 15" blade. Handle is hard maple, fittings are wrought iron, and the blade is w1 with a pattern-welded strip of 1084/15n20. Sheath buttons cast by Thorkil. thanks for looking.
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    brut-de-forge-Challenge KITH A while back Tim Lively started the above thread, challenging us to make a brut-de-forge knife and post it. It sounded like a great idea, but after 6 months we have had a total of one finished knife... for myself, commissions...
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    toothy seax I was commissioned to make a replica of this blade. The buyer, he said the blade was about 9" long, and that it had a wolf's tooth weld... after a bit of discussion back and forth, we decided it needed a twist too. I'm not sure...
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    On the bench 10/9/2013

    Two of these are commissions, the rest were test pieces and offcuts that somehow became seaxes. The two bottom blades were the experiments in wolf's toothery, one, the smaller of the two had the pattern forged into the wrought iron and ground into the edge bar, the other the pattern was forged...
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    a sizable chunk of seax

    Not much to say about this one, 1095 edge, 1084/15n20 twists, wrought iron spine... blade is 10 1/4", just a hair over 19" overall. The spine is 3/8" thick at the hump... maple handle treated with aqua fortis. thanks for looking.
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    more seax

    Two more to show. First up, 1095 blade 7" long with a curly maple handle, 13" overall.... and a composite blade with a 1095 edge, 1084/15n20 twist, and wrought iron spine, 8" blade, brushed bog oak handle, 14" overall. Thanks for looking.
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    laurel seax

    Just a wee little thing, blade just under 4 inches.... 1095 edge, 11 layer 1084/15n20 twist on the back, laurel burl handle... first time using this wood, very interesting, smells like flowers... Had an awesome time at Batson's, got to pick Jerry Rados's brains and see him do...
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    Roe deer antler, 11 layer blade of 1084 and 15n20, bronze liners and washers, brass pins, and a steel pivet... This particular knife was a challenge, every step of the way it fought me, but I prevailed in the end... I was given this piece of antler along with 2 others because my friend...
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    just a hunting knife

    Made this one the other day for a buddy of mine... the guy is 300lbs, 6'7", and the knife is built to his proportions. I basically designed the handle to fit my hand, then made it an inch longer to fit his. He was quite happy with it, and so am I, though the proportions look a bit odd...
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    too much seax

    Two more seaxes for your viewing pleasure.... The smaller of the two is forged from Aldo's 1084 with a suger maple handle... the blade is 10 3/4" long and about 1 1/8" wide at the widest point... the handle is 7 1/2" long, 18 1/4" overall. This one is based on some of the narrower...
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    casual seax

    Three more scramaseax for your viewing pleasure! On the right we have a simple blade of 1095 with a hard maple handle... the blade is just under 5" in length. I decided this time to not stain the maple, just to soak it overnight in boiled linseed oil... I like the way it turned out. In...
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    black ladder

    Damascus made from W2 and 15n20, handle of blackwood, brass, and red G10... the cutting edge is about 4 1/2" inches. I had originally planned to have a blackwood bolster and olivewood for the rest, but I changed my mind, and kind of like the all black look... it gives it a sinister vibe I...
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    briar seax

    Just a simple seax, blade of W2 is 8 3/16" long, forged for an Alabama Forge Council demo (first blade I've forged in coal in over 10 years)... handle of briar wood, overall length is 13 1/4". The pictures do not do the briar justice, it is a lovely wood, dense but light, and has amazing grain...