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  1. Chris Railey

    Stamp o matic MK1

    I got tired of contorting myself to try and stamp my mark only to mess it up. Enter the stamp o matic. Holds the knife and stamp under my flypress all I have to do is line her up and stamp.
  2. Chris Railey

    Annealing 15N20

    I have made three or four knives with 15N20 now and I like it a lot. The problem I have is with it shearing teeth off of my bandsaw blades. I figured "no big deal I will anneal it". Heated it to dull orange and left it in the forge, closed her up and turned her off. The next day I cut more...
  3. Chris Railey

    Official KITH exchange list

    My son (aka the boy) has conducted the random drawing for us. The listed pairs will exchange knives. Randy Lucius———Bruce McLeish Jason Volkert——-Kev Gene Kimmi———Small Shop Kevin Zito———Justin W Tkroen———D. Macina Opaul———Chris Railey Sean Jones———Retroguy Since Gene already has an extra...
  4. Chris Railey

    Gut Hook question

    For those that make gut hooks how thin do you make your gut hook edge before HT? Dime thickness like normal edge or do you file it thinner?
  5. Chris Railey


    Eighteen inches long, 6 3/4 inches wide and 2 3/4 inches thick maple burl. Get ready for some burl handle knives baby...
  6. Chris Railey

    Anyone tried Knifeprint software???

    I stumbled across this today while goofing off at work. It is design software especially for knives.
  7. Chris Railey

    Black Palm Skinner

    15N20 Black Palm scales with Plunge-less Flat grind.
  8. Chris Railey

    Last Call for KITH participants

    Entry for KITH will close on September 1st. I will be drawing the names and posting the mailing list on September 2nd. Its not too late to enter, we have some really great knives being made already. This year, I would like to do the exchange a little different. Makers will exchange knives...
  9. Chris Railey

    Stupid ADD!!!

    OK, I am sick and tired of my stupid ADD causing me to omit steps in my process. Then I have to go back and do them later which is always a pain in the butt. You would think after so many knives you would have a process down but that is not the way it works with ADD. Imagine you are watching...
  10. Chris Railey

    Blurred vision

    Woke up today with blurred vision in my right eye. As the day went on it got worse so I went to eye doctor. In short, she dug a shard of steel out of my eye then she used a dremmel tool to remove the rust from my cornea. I always wear glasses in the shop too. I now have a headache. The...
  11. Chris Railey

    Note to self:

    Do not drill the stupid raindrop holes so deep next time. I think we should post success and sometimes failure. Here is an epic fail. I have a lot of sweat and time in this one.
  12. Chris Railey

    A couple from the shop.

    The big one is Dion Damascus with a dyed maple burl handle The EDC is 1080 with hamon and a Walnut Crotch handle. All handle materials were sourced from Mr. Kimmi and they are awesome.
  13. Chris Railey

    Chris’ KITH Bowie WIP

    I have been studying Civil War Era Bowies all day and I think that is the style I will roll with. Here is a quick concept sketch. Thoughts? Advice? I have never sketched a knife, made a through tang, a Bowie or a D-guard. This should be a train wreck.
  14. Chris Railey

    2019 KITH Special Edition Sign up

    This year it has been suggested that we do KITH a little different. The event is open to all skill levels equally and it will still be maker's choice (which knife to make). The difference here is that a Bowie challenge has been issued. Those who wish to accept the challenge will make bowies...
  15. Chris Railey

    KITH 2019

    It is a little early for this but then again its almost August and that was when we started last year. I will volunteer to organize this year unless OPaul wishes to do so again. If OPaul wants to do it no problem I am good either way. I had a blast last year waiting on my box to arrive so I...
  16. Chris Railey

    For all you CAD lovers...

    Have any of you used the DesignEdge CAD software? Is it OK?
  17. Chris Railey

    Questions on a CNC Plasma Cutter

    I am looking to buy a small (4X4 maybe 4x8) CNC table for a business venture which oddly enough has nothing to do with knives (but it sure would be sweet to cut knife blanks on, He He). I am looking for a LIGHT INDUSTRIAL machine which may be used two times a week to cut some parts out. For...
  18. Chris Railey

    I have had enough of firebricks

    I have broken so many fire bricks that I have started to research variations. I use them to block off sections of my big forge and for sacrificial floor liners when forge welding but they are so thick/heavy and awkward to move around when hot that I have broken enough to build a small house...
  19. Chris Railey

    Viking Seax...Light WIP

    I forged this thing to shape and cleaned (the profile) it up a little on my grinder. I did a lot of research on these, they had long handles and the widest part of the blade was at the broken back. There were many many variations but this to me is the coolest (and hardest to forge). Its maybe...
  20. Chris Railey

    As promised two Plunge-less knives with hamons

    The big knife has a Bocote handle and the smaller one is curly koa. As normal my pictures suck but I do think the etched blades make the Plunge-less look better. The perpendicular or out of place marks on the blades are from the masking tape I had them covered with. Any one have a great way...