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  1. rhinoknives

    Grizzly 1015 Grinder and, S, Cal Sale

    Hello, I have the following for sale to any Maker within Driving Distance of Santa Monica Cal, You must pick up. I won't ship these machines. 1)I have a low hours Griz 1015 G 2 x 72" Grinder, 1)5 speed HF Drill that works without...
  2. rhinoknives

    Important KnifeDog 4th of JULY Announcement

    Hello Fellow Knife Doggers and Dog & Cat owners. When I was about 13 I had a dog that got freaked out by Chinese New Year fireworks the year we lived in Malaysia. The dog ran away in terror never to be seen again by me.:sad: So this is a big reminder to all fellow pet owners that they might...
  3. rhinoknives

    Sandpaper for those white handles

    We have had a few threads lately with newer makers :sad: "with good reason" about their light or white colored handle woods/materials getting black smeared crud on them from the paper and belts. I and others had mentioned using white or garnet wood working papers to avoid the smear smutz from...
  4. rhinoknives

    Help? I need to get my truck wired to run my Grinder

    Hello fellow Dogsters. This request is for those with electronic knowledge0? I just bought a new 2015 truck, I want to use the motor, generator etc to run a power inventor of sorts? To run my Franken 2 x 72" grinder I built with a 1 HP Motor and a KABC Variable control and a buddy wired. I...
  5. rhinoknives

    Just got home from the movie American Sniper.

    Very well done in cast,acting, directing realism. Overall the best movie I've seen since the King's Speech. We all know when Michael Moore can go! One small part toward the very end when he is playing with his family at home and he is wearing a six shooter single action and he cocks and...
  6. rhinoknives

    Its Almost 2015 What are you happy about fellow Dogster's?

  7. rhinoknives

    You Dogster's will get a kick out of this!

    Yep! My dog has me well trained too! LOL
  8. rhinoknives

    Frank Hunter,Black Wolf Armory, Missing again?

    ​Once again Frank Hunter seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth and isn't responding to Email or Phone. Anyone aware of his whereabouts? Its extremely important I hear from him ASAP. Thanks.
  9. rhinoknives

    Anyone seen Frank Hunter? ???

    I'm checking to see if anyone has seen or heard from Frank Hunter of Black Wolf Armory? Frank and I have a little project going and I haven't heard from him in three weeks now. I've called and sent emails. Is he alright? I know he was dealing with some health issues. I am just concerned...
  10. rhinoknives

    Happy veterans day to all that have served!

    THANKS FOR KEEPING US FREE & SAFE! I know many have wounds on the outside and inside and I ask that gods grace helps you/them everyday!
  11. rhinoknives

    Here is a funny one!

    Mr. Mod. If this language is inappropriate please delete. I laughed so hard when I saw it I just had too!
  12. rhinoknives

    Looking for stabilized Cal, BUCKEYE!

    Mr. Mod, If this really belongs in Wanted? Go ahead and move at your discretion. I have an order for some cutlery. I need one or two EXCELLENT Looking sets of scales of Professionally Stabilized California Buckeye. with yellow & black marbling or chunks. 5.5" x 1 1/2" x 3/8th" It really...
  13. rhinoknives

    FRANKINGRINDER portable 2 x 72" I made

    Hello fellow Dogsters. This is a Coote grinder that I've had and used in my various shops since 1998. I closed my large sshop and decided to go MOBILE for sharpening and sales of my customs. I purchased the motor & controller from our own Wayne Coe. He was very helpful and if you...
  14. rhinoknives

    Just today!

    I was in a public toilet and had just sat down, when I heard a voice from the next stall. He said, "Hi, how are you?" Embarrassed I said, "I am doing fine." The voice said, "So what are you up to?" I said, "Just doing the same as you, sitting here!" From the next stall came, "Can I come over?"...
  15. rhinoknives

    Get those Files and cutters reconditioned

    I belong to Cal Knives and in our monthly newsletter there is a cool article by Sam Silva. For all of you guys that have quality hand files. Heres a place to get them reconditioned. Here is a clip from the newsletter. I have some Carbide drill bits that I will send off to them soon to get...
  16. rhinoknives

    Thread for tips on keeping our Dogs Happy & healthy!

    We cover all kinds of tips and suggestions on equipment, hand sanding, file work and everything else to do with knives and that is GREAT! Now its time to focus on the second part of our forums name. DOGS. What have you found that keeps them happy & healthy and just as important. What to...
  17. rhinoknives

    Ladies & Gentleman! A moment please!

    Hello fellow Dogsters! I have Carpal Tunnel in both wrists and Cubital Tunnel in both elbows from close to 20 years of knife making & sharpening and most likely the cement & construction work I did when I was young. I'm getting the left arm done tomorrow and then in a few months going to get...
  18. rhinoknives

    Looking for Flame Retardant Hunter Green Material

    Hello fello Dogssters! I am now doing sharpening at the Malibu Farmers market on Sundays and the folks there being true fashionestas want me to have Hunter Green table cloths on both of my tables to look POSH which is OK by me except that I don't want to start a fire on my table with...
  19. rhinoknives

    Now if we can just teach him to grind Blades!
  20. rhinoknives

    What do you call that work table thing for the Metal band saw.

    I have down sized for working in the ol garage again. Its good to be home. LOL Anyway, I think it goes to the Dewalt or the HF Portable Metal cutting bandsaws? It"s a pre made little metal table you can bolt the saw right up to? Sold the HF 4x 6 56 1/2" and its time to get a little...