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    Color of etch??

    I'm getting ready to put my OA torch to the tang of a damascus blade. (hidden tang) I want to make sure it is on the soft side before I start my grip. Is there a difference in etch color between hard and soft metal?
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    Here ya go Kevin

    This was my first attempt at a "W" pattern. It was a low layer count. It turned out well but as usual I want more.
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    New Sand Point Well problem, HELP

    I just pounded a new sand point well. The old one didn't work well. This one might even be worse. I'm looking for someone that has a good understanding of sand point wells. What makes them work and what keeps them from working. I have some questions. Rather than writing a book let me know you...
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    Ok,,,,,, What's up with this?

    I'm starting a "W" billet. I have shiny spots. I dont want shiny spots. What is it??? This is not a good thing!!
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    Flame Resistant Pants

    What do you ware to protect your legs while you are forging. My apron goes down to just below my knees. I have had more then a few jeans with burn holes in them. I can tell you they are not made of cotton anymore. Blend would probably be a good word.
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    Looking for information

    Does anyone have any dimensional information on the Case V-42 stiletto. There is a little on Wikipedia and some on Case. I have a copy of a Cad drawing for a FS. I was hoping for the same on the V-42. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!
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    Try #2

    Well,,,, this turned out better then my first sheath. A little. lol,,,, The stiching could have come out better. The stamping was better then the first. All in all I'll keep it. Or in this case give it away. Any and all recommendations on keeping the stiching straight from one side to the other...
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    Tanner Bond contract cement?

    I'm on my 2nd sheath now. I have been waiting 24 hours after applying contact cement per instructions. Has anyone started working on the sheath just after pounding. That would be a major improvement.
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    surfice grinder from 2x72

    Anybody use one of these? Tell me about it.
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    I am totally stressed out

    This us just not going well. My first sheath. I tried to make it nice for my girlfriend's son. It will go along with the hunter I made for him. I do much better standing in front of the forge. It's what I'm use too. In time,,, anything!!
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    Nothing ventured nothing gained,, WIP

    I've had two damascus blades sitting around for awhile. Both thin chief blades. One I forged down to far and it did not clean up. The other went "ping" when it went in for the quench. I took my cutoff grinder and cut them into small pieces. I also cut up some 15n20. I'm going to give canister...
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    Just finished this.

    Its 1080 & 15n20. Another free one. It's a nice free knife. I think this will be my last free knife. Between the propane, steel, belts and scales this isn't cheep. He's a nice guy. lol,,, A guy could go broke doing this. Sorry about the phone. All I have is my phone. Just put the first coat of...
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    C-style hydraulic presses

    I've been thinking about a hyd press for sometime now. I have seen several H-style online running in the price range of 4 to 5k. I have not been able to find any C-style presses. If anyone knows of a maker please let me know. Any recommendation for a press are welcome. I have seen a few threads...
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    Hot cut chisel hardies

    I would like to make a hot cut chisel. One that is in the area of 6 to 7" tall. I'm having a problem finding out what is a good steel to make it out of. You would think after all this time that would be a simple thing. I have found that some make it from H13. Really,,,, I can't go to the steel...
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    Finishing scales

    I'm putting set of maple scales on a damascus blade. I've always used boiled linseed oil. Do ya think a little darker stain would be in order?
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    Gun Kote

    I'm working on a blade that could use something like this. They want me to cook my blade at 325° for a hour. REALLY??? Let's temper it down a little more. Please chime in and let me know what kind you get and what you do to apply it. Thanks!!!
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    Convection toaster review

    I mentioned in another thread that I trashed my toaster oven. I picked it up at Goodwill for 20 bucks. Drilled a 1/8" hole in it and monitored the temp. Oh my.... In the trash it went. I'm back to the kitchen oven. How many use a convection toaster oven for tempering. I would think you would...
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    practice makes perfect

    My stencils came the other day. I finally got the time to play with it. Kinda cool. I can see how you can totally hose it up. Everything in time.
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    Watched Last of the Dogmen last night

    That is just a good movie. One that you can put on more then once. I see Dick Patten has passed on. I'm not having any luck finding a good photo of the original knife. Although there were two. There are more then a few kickoffs of the knife to include a very good video on making one. That's a...
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    No one wants to move to MineeeSooTaa

    I see one more over the top knife maker has moved to Montana. Ed have you met your new neighbor yet. Alec Steele has picked up and moved himself and his family to Montana. Good for him and welcome to the USA!!