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  1. BossDog

    Knife pic by Joshua Smith

    Joshua Smith is our graphics guy. I asked him to take a couple knife pics. He has mad skills. In Photoshop, each image element is lifted from the back ground. To get sharp focus across the entire length of the knife he used multiple images over lapping with various focus points. The drop...
  2. BossDog

    Paid Membership link - Pay your dues here

    Until we do otherwise, you can use this link to sign up and pay for your Midwest Knifemakers Guild membership. The fee is $25/annually. I will run these through until we get an account and payment method set up separately for the guild...
  3. BossDog

    Reference Thread for Midwest Knifemakers Guild

    This thread is where to place any reference documents via file attach or cut and paste depending on size of the document. We will attempt to make this as transparent at possible. We will post: meeting notes, membership bylaws, financial reports.
  4. BossDog

    Suggestions for the Board

    This thread is where to place suggestions/comments for the Board of Directors.
  5. BossDog

    Suggestions on where to direct our efforts

    This thread is to post ideas/suggestions for future guild meeting content.
  6. BossDog

    Board of Directors check in

    There are 6 members for the board. I need you to check in so we know who is here. We have things to discuss and get moving. The Board is: Jeb Taylor, President and founder Brian Rongholt Carlin Al-Andes Les Voorhies Chad Johnson, Board and Treasurer Jess Hoffman Tracy Mickley Wesley Wernimont...
  7. BossDog

    Pictures from guild meeting 8-24-19

    Post your pictures of our meeting. We had our second meeting of the new start up Midwest Knifemakers Guild today. If you are within driving distance you might consider looking into coming to a meeting. Here are a few random pics I managed to get. Expect more as members check in here and post...
  8. BossDog

    New Sub-Forum for the Midwest Knifemakers Guild

    This forum will be used to support the new startup Midwest Knifemakers Guild. We will use this area to keep members updated and for discussion of guild business or any other topics for the guild members. Anyone is welcome to post.
  9. BossDog

    PID ribbon burner? Anyone here done it?

    Has anyone here put together a PID controlled ribbon burner forge?
  10. BossDog

    Blade show 2019 report

    I think I’ve been going to Blade for 12 or 14 years. I can’t be sure but this one by far had the most attendance I have seen on Friday and Saturday. Some observations. If you want to see where the market is at this is where you want to be. Not necessarily with a table but to walk around and see...
  11. BossDog

    Shop Tip of the day

    Ok, couple shop tips today. When stepping to finer grits, check how the water beads up after dunking. The water will pull back from the places that still have more to go. When you get the finish even all the way across the water will cover everything or sheet off. I keep this on my grinder...
  12. BossDog

    new startup Midwest Knifemakers Guild

    We are having our first meeting of the Midwest Knifemakers Guild here Saturday 9:30 to 2:30. There will be 4 demo's and we will also try to figure out how we want to move forward with the new guild. Mostly it's about getting together occasionally and sharing technique. Stop in if you can...
  13. BossDog

    Knife Steel Nerd - AEBL testing

    Knife Steel Nerd is Larrin Thomas , a metallurgist that has taken on researching a publishing data around knife steel.. Here is an article on AEBL...
  14. BossDog

    Gents liner lock WIP

    This WIP will be slow. It's going to start out as an entirely hand made liner lock. Once I make a few and like the design, I'll move it over to CNC. I am looking to make a slim, small gents liner lock with bolsters. I have not even looked at what the pocket clip will be. That can wait. I start...
  15. BossDog

    Assisted openers - different examples

    I'm on a mission to try some different type assisted and auto openers. Post pic's of your examples here. This one has a sliding button on the side to change it from an auto to a manual opener. In manual mode, the blade is still fired by the spring when it moves past the cam lock position, you...
  16. BossDog

    Beaumont Horizontal Grinder For sale

    I have a Beaumont Horizontal Grinder for sale. It has a single speed 1hp motor and extension plate to run 72" belts. It works fine, I have another horizontal grinder and don't need two. I have it mounted to my grinder bench now and want to free up the space for a dedicated vertical grinder. A...
  17. BossDog

    Anyone got any internal pics of a dual action?

    Looking to try making a dual action liner lock. Does anyone have any internal pics? I can’t seem to find any. I want to do a bolster release and button release.
  18. BossDog

    Robertt66 was a fake

    So the character that blew up here was either a sophisticated Bot or paid troll. Either way, he is gone and I think I closed all of his threads. My guess is a bot or troll like this interacts on a forum to build interest and then starts with links, ads or other shenanigans. Hopefully we don’t...
  19. BossDog

    First Annual Midwest Knifemakers Mafia Folder Freeze-In

    What is it: The First Annual Midwest Knifemakers Mafia Folder Freeze-In Huh?: several experienced folder makers get together for a day and half at our shop. Where: USAknifemaker (Midwest Knifemakers Supply) in Mankato, MN What does this mean?: No agenda, no classes, just a get together of...
  20. BossDog

    Open Shop visit next week @USAKnifemaker

    What: We have a few friends stopping by to play in the shop for a day or two. We will make some damascus, lay up a carbon fiber sheet and generally shoot the breeze and try to recycle a few beers. There is no real agenda. We are just getting together because we can and it's fun. It's not a...