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  1. Kevin R. Cashen

    Last weeks European Quillon Dagger class at the SOFA ABS school in Troy, OH

    Last week I taught a specialized European Quillon Dagger class at the SOFA ABS school in Troy Ohio. The weather was great, especially compared to what I left in Michigan. This class focuses on the dagger as an actual historical artifact with emphasis on classic function and design, a total...
  2. Kevin R. Cashen

    New YouTube video on the I-T Curve for steel.

    While working on editing other ideas for YouTube, I was thinking that a basic explanation of the I-T diagram would be well received. And then I realized that I already had it! A good section of my 1080/1084 DVD covers the I-T or TTT diagram and all I had to do were some quick edits to shorten...
  3. Kevin R. Cashen

    One of the things that drives me crazy about Forum posting.

    Have you ever seen a forum question that you have enough good answers for that you start writing a post that takes a couple of minutes, but when you hit "enter" you see that while you were typing somebody already answered? But that is not the real problem, the answer that was posted in those...
  4. Kevin R. Cashen

    New video on my YouTube channel

    I just posted a new video on my YouTube Channel documenting some of my experiments with blister steel.
  5. Kevin R. Cashen

    “Kevin Cashen’s Guide To 1080 & 1084” Remastered

    I would have to say that the first run of “Kevin Cashen’s Guide to 1080 & 1084” was an overwhelming success, it took less than two months to sell out. During that time, I got a lot of helpful feedback, and while I couldn’t accommodate all the budding Francis Ford Coppola’s and Martin Scorsese’s...
  6. Kevin R. Cashen

    Huge anouncement for what I am unveiling at the Bladeshow!

    Debuting at the Atlanta Blade Show will be my first DVD and a whole new approach to heat treating information. It was over two years ago that Karen and I did some brainstorming on the drive home from Atlanta on how to best help all of the people who come to me looking for heat treatment...
  7. Kevin R. Cashen

    My latest sword- the sword of Elector Christian I of Saxony

    Years ago when one of my best clients asked if there was a sword that I had wanted to make, and one immediately came to mind. On one of my sword research trips, to England, back in 2008, I had studied some fantastic pieces at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. These really great swords are...
  8. Kevin R. Cashen

    Cashenblades is going Down Under!

    As my education efforts have expanded over the years I have found myself traveling more and more, I spend more time in airports than most of my friends with corporate jobs, and international travel has been increasingly part of it. But I am starting off 2018 with the farthest I have ever gone to...
  9. Kevin R. Cashen

    Talks and Demos for 2018

    Well it is another year and I am starting to get requests for talks and demos at hammer-ins and other events. But after so many years I am just out of fresh ideas that people would like to hear or see. So I thought I would bounce the idea off any body who would like to give me input on what...
  10. Kevin R. Cashen

    A huge leap forward in my capabilites and studies!

    Last weekend I hooked up my cargo trailer and set out for New York state to make a huge advance in the capabilities of my metallurgical lab. My current scanning electron microscope is admittedly older technology, otherwise a private citizen, and particularly a Bladesmith, could never afford to...
  11. Kevin R. Cashen

    The making of a Cashen kukri

    While I have been shooting some video for myself for some time, I am rather late comer to the whole YouTube thing. In the past I would just send my videos to Dan Cassidy and he would handle all the uploading to YouTube. But since I was given part of the task of managing the ABS YouTube channel...
  12. Kevin R. Cashen

    "A Craftsman's Legacy" Spatha

    2017 started with the January filming of episode 401 of A Craftsman's Legacy, "]The Sword Maker at my shop. I have had my share of television experiences and have found that they are not always my favorite aspect of what I do. After almost swearing off television appearances altogether I was...
  13. Kevin R. Cashen

    Anybody else have these LP company problems

    So today I severed my relationship with my propane supplier of over 15 years, they didn’t like it, but I got some satisfaction. After many years of dealing with the same local, mom and pop, LP gas supplier, about two years ago trouble started when they were bought out by a large gas supply...
  14. Kevin R. Cashen

    Sword layout

    Ever wonder how one keeps a 36"+ grind line straight? Well here is my solution. When I started out in knifemaking I would attend the shows and could spot the stock removal blades instantly by how straight, clean and precisely they were shaped. I always thought how great it would be to make a...
  15. Kevin R. Cashen

    My latest sword project

    The medieval sword found in the river Witham is one of the most recognizable treasures at the British museum: A few years ago I had the rare...
  16. Kevin R. Cashen

    Possible browser conflict with Knifedogs

    Hello folks, I have had an issue for some time now but have just worked around it, but I also realize that if anybody but I am having the problem I can only help this forum and its visitors if I let if I share it here. I am using I-Explorer 11, version 11.0.9600.17501 on a PC running...
  17. Kevin R. Cashen

    Guess what Santa brought me?

    Here is a picture of the jolly guy himself with his familiar (at least to knifemakers) sleigh in front of my garage ready to unload my new way too cool toy!
  18. Kevin R. Cashen

    New Ashokan type hammer-in in the Midwest.

    I thought I would let folks know that there is a new hammer-in coming up that is being done by some of the same folks that organize that Ahoskan seminar. The Great Lakes Bladesmiths Build, a non-profit sister group to the New England Bladesmiths Guild, has been established to bring a new...
  19. Kevin R. Cashen

    More marquenching questions

    My input regarding marquenching here-Don't drop your freshly quenched 1095 blade!! has spawned a few private questions, but one had so many excellent discussion points that I felt it really should be discussed for the benefit of all. What about steels that are going to be tempered much lower...
  20. Kevin R. Cashen


    Since I was a kid I have had a tendency to be obsessive and single focused, my teachers noted that I would find a new area of interest and would focus on it to the exclusion of all else until I had exhausted my interest or what there was to learn about the topic. The really crafty teachers...