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  1. murphda2

    Vintage Micarta (I’ll update as I process new materials)

    Another piece I’ve processed. I have a few sets of scales and a couple of small sheets of this natural linen. The fresh cut edge is a really clean tan color. As you can see from the ground and polished end, when exposed to UV light it develops a very rich color. I’ve been told by a few...
  2. murphda2

    Vintage Micarta (I’ll update as I process new materials)

    3/16” stock butterscotch paper
  3. murphda2

    One of “those” purchases...

    Yes, a steel wire brush. I buy stone dresser and brushes at Harbor Freight. The dresser and pkg of two brushes is $20 or less.
  4. murphda2

    One of “those” purchases...

    Boss, I’ve found that using a stone dresser and then running a steel brush across the belt will return them to dang near new cutting potential.
  5. murphda2

    Combat abrasives?

    Ed, what is your opinion of the Klingspore CS 912s? I’ve been using their 50 and 80 grit belts for post heat treat grinding and really like them.
  6. murphda2

    Makers Mark Decal service?

    A lot of guys use Ernie and I’m told he does great work. The design I wanted to use, he said couldn’t be done and I was later introduced to TUS who squared me away extremely well.
  7. murphda2

    Vintage Micarta (I’ll update as I process new materials)

    Picked up A LOT more vintage Micarta I’ll be processing down in the coming week. I’ll scales a small sheets from 1/8” to 1 1/8” thick in various colors and types. I’ll try to remember to post more pics once I get it cut up and a few pieces shaped to show colors.
  8. murphda2

    Antique white Westinghouse Micarta

    Peter, are you still looking for this? I have a few pieces.
  9. murphda2

    Vintage Micarta (I’ll update as I process new materials)

    Pics #2 and #3 are the same piece. Photos were taken approximately three months apart to show how the material changes color over time.
  10. murphda2

    Vintage Micarta (I’ll update as I process new materials)

    For those who may be interested, I’ve been collecting vintage Micarta for the past year or so. I’ve gathered what I’ve been told is likely one of the larger current collections of materials. I cannot GUARANTEE that each piece I have is “Westinghouse”, but I’m inclined to believe that most is. If...
  11. murphda2

    ICCE Knife Show in Kansas City

    Best of luck finding supplies. That was my intent last year and all I came home with was three sets of Ironwood from K&G. Supplies were in very short quantity last year. For that reason, I did not plan for the trip this year.
  12. murphda2

    A Re-Introduction

    It’s been a while KD..... Life has been up and down and really hectic for the past couple of years. Though I haven’t been posting, I pop in from time to time to look around. For those who do not know/remember me, my name is David Murphy. I’ve been a member here at KD since I think the second...
  13. murphda2

    Westinghouse micarta .050"

    Have any of this left? If so, drop me a line.
  14. murphda2

    Two For A Soldier's Sons

    Wallace, I used a thin coat of Satanite mixed with Rutlands furnace cement. The blades are ground from 5/32" stock and the blades are distally tapered. I layed out the clay about 1/16" thick and allowed to dry. I allowed my forge to come up to temp and then heated the tangs first. Next, I...
  15. murphda2

    Aging a blade

    You can try ferric chloride. Even if it is stainless, it should discolor the blade a bit. It may not be the effect you are looking for, but it should at least turn the blade dark grey. Just keep dipping it for 10-30 seconds at a time and then wiping it down with water and XXXX steel wool until...
  16. murphda2

    Two For A Soldier's Sons

    A couple of months ago I pulled out an old blade that has been laying around unfinished since some time in 2010 and finished it up. When I took it to the office, my boss asked me to make a couple of blades for his sons for Christmas. I agreed, if he would help so that he could tell his sons he...
  17. murphda2

    Recently completed Feather Fighter

    Beautiful work. Kevin.
  18. murphda2

    My micarta changed color to tan when I sanded it.

    Just my $0.02......... if you are building a user knife, I'd stop at 220 gr. taking it higher will make it look sleek and glossy, but it will reduce the grip. Get it shaped the way you want it on your sander and then use 220 with a thick piece (.25") firm rubber backer to finish. It will leave...
  19. murphda2

    $0.44 Knife Maker's Vise Tutorial

    Nice design and very well put together tutorial.
  20. murphda2

    Sheppard of the Hills Hammer In?

    You had the opportunity to watch a great maker and fried demo. Not only is Jim an AWESOME maker, he's a GREAT friend. Good to hear you had a good time. I'm disappointed I couldn't make it, but Uncle Sam changed my training plans.