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  1. ORCA

    Hey Dogs !

    Don't remember if I said HELLO here when I joined this Forum awhile back. How rude that is. At least a tail wag should have occured. Made a few straight knives in my life and have been collecting for quite some time. Do P/T sharpening of most any edge tool. Glad to be here and still learning...
  2. ORCA

    Kershaw Junkyard Dog II Composite-extras

    Model 1725CB -Kershaw Junkyard Dog II Composite designed by Tim Galyean. NIB --Material 13C26 fused with CPM-D2 stainless steel. When I got it I made an extra pocket clip from SS as I wanted one a little smaller then the one that comes with the knife. Both clips are included along with the...
  3. ORCA

    First knives ever.

    Here are a few of the knives I made about 20 years ago. Didn't know anything about making knives at that time as you can see. Had a lull at work and gave it a shot. Took about three weeks to finish 7 knives and another week to make sheaths for each. No mfg. parts were purchased for any of the...
  4. ORCA

    H.J. Vieli A6

    This was a birthday present from my family 11 years ago. Still one of my favorites. Went to his shop to pick it up. He change it after I had it awhile to a tip down.