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  1. Chuck Gedraitis Knives

    Green Jade G-10 blocks for sale

    Green Jade G-10 blocks for sale. I have more than I will ever use and have more than 10 of each size available for sale. The smaller blocks are 3/4in thick, 2in wide and 5in long. Could easily be split for a set of scales. $5 per piece The large blocks are 1-1/2in thick, 2in wide and 5in...
  2. Chuck Gedraitis Knives

    NCCA Knife show Sunday Nov, 6th in Marlborough, Ma.

    I will be exhibiting at this show on Sunday, please stop by if you have the time. MARLBORO, MA KNIFE SHOW Sunday, November 6th, 2016 Marlboro, MA - Holiday Inn (508) 481-3000 I-495 exit 24A. Show hours: 9am-2pm
  3. Chuck Gedraitis Knives

    Chuck Gedraitis Custom slip-joint for sale

    Hello, Available for sale is one of my custom slip-joints. The blade is 2-9/16in long made of Rob Thomas ladder pattern stainless damascus and opens with a long pull. The bolsters are titanium with a light orange peel finish and have been heat colored bronze. The scales are polished black...
  4. Chuck Gedraitis Knives

    2 superconductor beads for sale

    2 superconductor beads for sale. The round one is 1/2 in thick, 3/4in diameter with a 9/32 hole. It has been lightly etched price is $65 The long bead is 1/2in thick, 3/4 in long and had a 13/64 in hole. This one has faceted sides. Satin finish. There was a small flaw in it that has been...
  5. Chuck Gedraitis Knives

    1in diameter superconductor rod for sale

    Available for sale is some 1in diameter copper /niobium superconductor rod. Excellent for beads, tops, inlays, knife parts, pivot collars, jewelry and more. Priced at $100 per inch. Thank you for looking, Chuck
  6. Chuck Gedraitis Knives

    Large pattern copper/niobium superconductor for sale.

    Up for sale is some large pattern copper/niobium superconductor. It Is 3-1/4 in diameter @.145 thick, has a large bold pattern and is made of copper/niobium. It cleans up very nicely. Price is $60 per slice Prices include delivery and paypal is preferred. The pucks shown are just to show...
  7. Chuck Gedraitis Knives

    WTB Antique westinghouse micarta

    WTB Antique westinghouse micarta, let me know if you have any you would be willing to part with. Thanks, Chuck
  8. Chuck Gedraitis Knives

    Kit Carson small model 4 for sale

    Up for sale is a Kit Carson small Model 4 liner lock. 3-3/16 ATS-34 blade with a bead blast finish. Sand blasted titanium liners and bolsters with kydex scales and black G-10 spacer. 7-9/16 overall open with dual thumbstuds and tip down carry clip. Good condition with some handling marks...
  9. Chuck Gedraitis Knives

    Copper/Nickel Niobium Superconductor for sale.

    Available for sale is some copper/nickel niobium superconductor. This material is used in particle accelerators and made into wire that is used in MRI machines. I have 10 pairs of this material for sale at this time. They are 1-3/4in round and approximately .145 in thickness. They have been...
  10. Chuck Gedraitis Knives

    Chuck Gedraitis triple bolster liner lock folding dagger for sale

    Hello, I hope that you are keeping warm this winter. I haven't made anything like this for a while and most likely won't make anything similar anytime in the near future so this would be the chance to add a unique piece to your collection. The blade is 4-7/8in long made of Darryl Meier...
  11. Chuck Gedraitis Knives

    Chuck Gedraitis 2014 blade show knives

    Good Evening, Here is a link to a slide show with all the knives I will have at the 2014 blade show, table 5-E. Thank you for looking, Chuck
  12. Chuck Gedraitis Knives

    Chuck Gedraitis knives T-shirts for sale

    Chuck Gedraitis knives T-shirts are available again. Says Gedraitis knives on the chest and a Koi fish logo on the back. Printed on Hanes beefy-t's. Available in black with white printing or hunter green with off-white printing. Either XL or XXL. Price is $30 shipped, paypal preferred. You...
  13. Chuck Gedraitis Knives

    A pair of gents size folders

    Here's a couple of gents folders I just finished up. The small one has a 1-7/8in damascus blade with textured Ti bolsters and the larger has a 2-1/8in CPM154 blade with mosaic damascus bolsters. Both have stabilized curly Koa scales. Thanks for looking, Chuck
  14. Chuck Gedraitis Knives

    A few recent flipper folders

    I have recently finished these knives and I thank you for taking the time to look. The Balisong is #122 and has a Mike Norris SS damascus blade, Ti handles and LSCF inserts. The Sora flipper with 1095 blade with hamon, bronze bolsters and Thunderstorm kevlar scales. The Toucan has a Mike...
  15. Chuck Gedraitis Knives

    Abrasive sanding discs and belts for sale.

    I have switched to a 10inch disc grinder so I have some 8inch discs for sale. All are new and unused and prices include shipping. First up is Carborundum 8 Inch Premier Red PSA Discs. B-weight paper-latex backing is fiber-reinforced to be lightweight yet durable "Anti-load" stearate coating...
  16. Chuck Gedraitis Knives

    A couple Scagel inspired folders

    A few years ago I made a few Scagel inspired folders and at the urging of a couple of collectors I have made a few more. These are a lot of work to make and require a lot of planning but the results are pretty cool and my original idea. All have 4in blades. The top one has a CPM154 blade...
  17. Chuck Gedraitis Knives

    Bader BII for sale

    Up for sale is my Bader BII belt grinder. This machine has served me very well but it is time to upgrade. 2X72 belt, 110V, single speed with a 3in drive wheel, 2750 rpm. Comes only with the flat platen and work rest. Top platen wheel needs to be replaced with a 2in wheel from Bader. This machine...
  18. Chuck Gedraitis Knives

    Misc stuff for sale

    I have a few things for sale that I will never use. First is an idler assembly. The wheel diameter is 3-3/4 and has internal mounted bearings. This would mount vertical with the spring on the bottom putting upward tension on the belt. There is a tracking screw on the side. Price is $sold shipped...
  19. Chuck Gedraitis Knives

    Wanted to buy some Copper Niobium superconductor.

    Hello, Just as the title states, looking to buy some superconductor for bolsters. Let me know if you have any your not going to use anytime soon. Thanks, Chuck
  20. Chuck Gedraitis Knives

    3 different Chuck Gedraitis Saddlehorn slip-joint folders for sale

    Up for sale are 3 Saddlehorn slip-joints. The blades are 2-5/8in long to the front of the handles. Hollow ground with a satin finish and long pull. The blades and springs are ATS-34, the liners are 416 stainless steel. The spring sits flush in 3 positions, open, half stop and closed. Completely...