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    Scandi Grind Jig

    I am looking to make a jig to start making some scandi grinds. I have seen numerous jigs posted on google image and did a search here but came up with nothing specifically for scandi grinds. Im hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction for making a simple jig that will work...
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    1x30 belt suppliers

    I am looking for a new supplier for my 1x30 belts. Specifically I am looking for metal cutting belts. Can you suggest a supplier and what type to get? I normally use ceramic ones but open to suggestions. Thanks
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    Large band saw blade

    I was given a used band saw blade from a large woodmiser. Its is about 1 ¼ wide and I am not sure the thickness but ample for a blade. Has anyone used these for knives? I was thinking to cut it and shape it without putting much heat and not tempering etc.
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    Questions on Sheaths

    I am making some basic sheaths for knives I use. I have some questions I would like to see if anyone can offer help on. I have read zero books and started with what I thought should be done. -Is there a how to make sheath book for knives? -I make straight handle knives and I am running into...
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    Drilling old saw blades

    What do you use to drill old saw blades. I was trying to make a small skinning knife. I cannot seem to drill holes it in. I don't want to anneal it since its already tempered. Thanks
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    Friction folder question

    I am looking for a friction folder design that I saw in a book. It is not the standard friction design that comes up on this site when a search is done. The handle has metal band around the end and the blade is pinned through the metal band. It’s hard to describe but I hope you understand. Can...
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    Safety Gear

    I am sorry if I posted in the wrong section, but I was hoping for some suggestions on safety gear. I am looking for a better face mask and set of goggles. The goggles I put one when I am using the sander on metal or wood. All the goggles I have gotten either fog up very quickly or seems to have...
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    Questions on cutting metal by hand

    I have some projects that require me to cut square stock. Material is 1/2"x1/2" or 3/4"x3/4". I have been using a hack saw but no matter how hard I try I can not make a clean straight cut. I do not have a band saw, due to lack of funding. Can anyone suggest how to make straight cuts using a...
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    Steel questions

    Need some help. I am looking for information on metal that I can work using some basic tools I have. What metal besides 1084/1080 that I can use with a coal forge, one brick propane forge and a toaster over. Temperature monitoring is done with a magnet and a stove thermometer. Looking to make...
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    tomahawks metal questions

    So I am starting to explore tomahawks and using different metal in my forge. The more I read the more I get confused on the heat treat and final draw. I was hoping you guys /gals could help me understand. I am using the following material: ball pein hammer, leaf spring from truck, old farrier...
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    General tempering question

    When I temper I am currently heating to 400f for two hours. I am getting confused if I co to 375 f will my knife be harder or softer. Can you please explain this to me and what I should target for a general purpose knife. 1080 or 1084 steel is used. Also I use a toaster oven.
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    forge metal help

    I am looking to start making knives using coal forge. What metal are you using. I know railroad spikes and old lawn blades. Suggestions are appreciated
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    Heat treating outside in winter?

    I take my forge (2 brick design) outside to heat my knifes. I have two blades now but have been holding off since its 20 deg out side. I was looking for advise if I should hold off or it is ok to heat some metal this weekend. I am thinking no, since it is so cold out the knife would cool so fast...
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    Steel stamps

    I do not have the money right now to purchase etching equipment but I would like to put some sort of marking on the blades I make. Does anyone know a place I can get a steel stamp with a design on it? Everything I find is for softer metals or standard number/letter stamping. Example of what I am...
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    What do you use to cut your metal out?

    Im thinking about getting a handsaw to cut my metal. I see a bunch of used 10" craftsman on line for sale. I assume I can just get a metal blade? I have been drilling and using a hacksaw. What do you recommend to use to cut metal? Its just a hobby for me.
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    Thoughts on Work Sharp Knife sharpening

    I am struggling putting a good edge on the knifes I make with stones. i was considering this product but do not know anyone that has used this. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you
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    Hand shaping jig

    I am looking to see if anyone can send me or post some photos of the a jig to use when first cutting bevels into the knife. I have been using a 1x30 grinder and decided to try to work with files instead. If you use a jig please help me out. I am having a hard time getting the right profile.
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    Sharpening questions

    I am about to finish up my second folder and want to put a nice correct edge on it. Currently I am using a belt grinder and do passes up to 600grit. The edge is sharp and looks like a V. When I compare this to a bought knife there are some differences. The bought knife has a taper and then bumps...
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    Slip joint question

    Its been a little and finally getting back to knife making. Quick question on location of the pins on the lock section of the slip joint. Is there set points to put the pins or is it more per knife/size? I am thinking this needs to move to help put more or less tension, most likely wrong.
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    Older kitchen knife blade question

    Hello all, I need some help. My grandmother past recently and she had several kitchen knives that she always used. these all had 14 to 16" blades on them and are old. I am not sure the metal but the blades are aged. They all hold a great edge. i was thinking to make several remembrance knifes...