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    Hello to all the dogs!

    the internet world i s small hi says Arne from that german forum 2thumbs
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    Hello from Austria

    how are you doing fred? cheers Arne :D
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    Hello from Will @ Up-Armored

    welcome will. j. you suck. where is my stuff???? :eek: lemme see
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    link us up dogs!

    done 2thumbs
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    What are your favorite production folders?

    busse. i like jerry´s marketing :D
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    Jeremy Horton's Necker Review

    pauli, did you modify the sheath (made these curves between the rivets) or is this k. work? i bought 5 from j. but they were all straight, without the curves. man, i hope you understand what i mean :eek: cheers Arne
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    "hello from germany"

    thanks for the warm welcome :)
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    "hello from germany"

    says Beisser :D found my way to this forum via horton knives/jeremy. okay, let´s play Arne 2thumbs