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    My Knife Collection

    I have added new knives in my collection. Reviews are welcomed.....
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    Show your swords!!!

    I have a new claymore sword in my collection.
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    Union Forge - 60 layer pattern welded swordtt

    These seems to be really good swords for any sword collection. I usually get these stuffs from
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    Old rusted axe head

    Looks like the grandfather Axe.
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    First Slipjoint

    Great knife. I think I have the knife with the same look and feel. That might be the Cattleman Cutlery folding knife.
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    My Knife Collection

    This is the first knife which I have added to my collection
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    6" Kitchen Utility

    These kitchen knives seems to be the perfect kitchen accessories which should be there in every modular kitchen. Really Good.
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    Leatherman Multitool Knife: My First Love

    I found this leatherman multi tools Wingman, the perfect one to start my collection. As I have already mentioned that I just love the leatherman multi tools and would love to add as much multi-tools as I can and my pocket cash allows. Planning to get this one. I found this at...
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    Not a knife, but badass! Hatchet. Advice needed.

    I think you have carved a demon out from a metal piece.
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    Bloodwood-Liontribe Designs

    This seems to be an amazing full tang knife. I really like the hand grip of the knife... Thanks for sharing this.
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    DeMo Knife Thread

    Amazing work done...
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    Show your swords!!!

    I have this a bit old Scottish Dirk. I go this from Windlass Sword Company and it seems to be quiet a nice pick.
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    Double locking liner

    That seems to be an awesome looking. I do believe that a Swiss army knife can be a bit handy to do multiple tasks.
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    Charity Hunter

    Really awesome knives....
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    Neck Knives - CPM-3v

    Really awesome looking Neck Knives.
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    Knife Photos from Blade Show 2015

    I think, I have fallen love with these Damascus knives....
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    My first hidden tang!

    Great work...This blade is looking super....
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    Help with screws for a clip

    Get some screw kit that will have all the screw head sizes you can choose from. Really helpful tool.
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    First slipjoint..

    Really amazing slipjoint knives......Want them in my knife collection.
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    Walnut Khukri and some Photography Experimentation

    Really amazing kukri knife. I really like the wooden hand grip which attracts me the most.