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  1. RodneyJ

    Dog gone

    Left my house for all of 20 minutes today and ended up missing delivery of a package from Beaumont metal works just feel like SCREAMING!!!!:3:
  2. RodneyJ

    help me spend some Money

    I have a little extra money I can spend My options are I'm building a NWG I have the money to set it up with a motor and VFD or I can go with a motor with step pulley and a sugar creek heat treat oven. Currently I'm heat treating what I can in a one brick forge and the rest I'm sending out I...
  3. RodneyJ

    Pink Scales ?

    My daughter found This Schread in the attic. It was rusted and pitted she ask if I could fix it and make her some Pink handles. I guess girls need knives too
  4. RodneyJ

    Sand Box Bond

    Just finished this for a young man headed to Iraq. It 10.5 inches overall. ATS34 with black linen macarta scales and red liners. I etched it with ferric chloride.(a First) and made a kydex sheath (also A first.)
  5. RodneyJ

    Water wheel for sharpening

    I was looking at a grinder at HF that has an 8" water wheel on one side it runs at 180 rpm I was thinking of picking one up for shapening. I was wondering if anyone uses one or has tried one. any thoughts good or bad God Bless Rodney
  6. RodneyJ

    Purchased My First custom Folder

    I have been wanting to purchase a custom folder for some time now however they are normally at a price that a working man just cant go out and buy one with out breaking the bank. I purchased this sweet little liner lock from Custom Knife Maker Keith Willis. It is a perfect size and weight for...
  7. RodneyJ

    Smoke needed

    Well my little HF grinder gave up the goast last night @ 12:07 am. She was turning her little 1/4 hp motor at about 3400 rpm and just could not take it any more. She will be missed very much. She is survived by an assortment of hand files a drill press and a portable band saw. arrangment are...
  8. RodneyJ

    Laughing Steel

    Is it just me are can y'all hear steel laughing at you when you hand sand it after heat treating. (Sorry had a procedure done on my back today may be the effect of meds.)
  9. RodneyJ

    Tanning a beaver tail for sheath. need advise / know how

    I was given a beaver tail for making sheaths but I have no idea how to tan it. I'm hoping someone can offer advise or point me in that direction. Thanks and God bless Rodney
  10. RodneyJ

    Contact wheel question

    I have just started trying to get things together for my NWG build. I was thinking about an 8 inch contact wheel. So I started doing some looking and it seems there is more to it than just buying an 8 inch wheel. can some one please explain the different types of material and designs and what...
  11. RodneyJ

    #4 A Birtday Gift For My Dad

    Just finished this one up yesterday made it as a birthday gift for my Dad his birthday was 9/25 so I'm a little late It is D2 with a 6" oal I used red wood scales that were given to me by Keith Willis and I borrowed the file work design from Jayson Fry. Thanks to both of ya'll I'm sure my Dad...
  12. RodneyJ

    Family decided to torture test my knife

    Come home from working the night shift and found this sitting in a bowl of water in the kitchen sink. Guess they were working on a science project and found out carbon steel will rust:what!:
  13. RodneyJ

    #3 and thank you Patrick

    Just finished up # 3 and owe a big thanks to Patrick. When we had the knife in the hat not only did he send me a great knife but he also sent the 1095 and G11 for me to make this.
  14. RodneyJ

    Need some knife advise from Fire Fighters

    I have a couple of cousins that are fire fighters. They are also fanatical deer hunters They have been kind enough to invite me to go with them the last several years and I would like to make them a knife as a way to say thanks. My question is what would you fire fighters look for in a duty...
  15. RodneyJ

    Any advjce on building an etcher

    I just ordered some stencils from Ernie Grospitch and will be building the Bob Warner etcher from Chris crowford's web site looking for any advise before I get started. I have never worked with electronics any advice will help. Thanks Rodney
  16. RodneyJ

    Hand finishing

    was reading in another thread about finishing to a satin finish. It was stated when hand sanding to work your way up through the different grits untill you get to 1000 -1200 and then to go back down to 600 for the final sanding. I have read this in several different places and I'm curious about...
  17. RodneyJ

    Plastic plate for spacer material

    A couple months back I saw a thread about using plastic disposable plates for spacer material. I did not follow it at the time put now I wish I would have. I have done some searching and can not find it. Can someone point me in that direction or give advise on weather it works ok. My doughter...
  18. RodneyJ

    soldiering stainless

    please help I'm trying to soldier a stainless knife and guard. I had a piece of soldier given to me at a knife supply store. The guy said it works great and is easy to use. I can not get it to adhere to the stainless. I used all of the piece that was given to me and will have to buy some what...
  19. RodneyJ

    Should I distil taper

    I'm working on knife # 2 and after reading some of the tutorials I wanted to give a tapered tang a try. thanks to the tutorial it came out nice but I'm wondering if a knife with a tapered tang should also have a distil taper to the blade. I sure it's a matter of personal prefrence but would like...
  20. RodneyJ

    Wonna be knifemaker

    Hello everyone I'm Rodney I found this forum while searching for info on google. I have only made one knife so far. It was made out of an old file I had. It came out ok but not what I had thouhgt it would be. I am currently working on my secound I'm using some 440C I picked up at TKS. I must say...