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  1. RodneyJ

    a knife for a friend's father in law

    I have been trying to figure out if it calms me down or if not having it is what makes me streesed. Good luck with quiting hope you make I have failed many times trying to get up the nerve to quit again but with deer season right around the corner it may be tuff
  2. RodneyJ

    Not to bad

    Those yellow acrons that fall in piney woods are called pine nuts deer just love them lol. Set my cameras out weekend before last I hope I have some like those wont be able to get back out and check them for another month.
  3. RodneyJ

    " Hometown Heroes " Our next Knife Dog Military Build

    Sounds good so far Bill and thanks for getting this together
  4. RodneyJ

    #5 w/ NWUcarta

    Nice one Chaps keep them coming. I like that NWU I just hope your RP does not have to put it to use in your defence.
  5. RodneyJ

    My GIB Build

    Sweet grinder. 115 degrees and weather man says no relief in site.
  6. RodneyJ

    Dog gone

    Well I had spent about a year collecting materials for a home build. I sat down one day and figured out the cost of every thing I would need to complete it. and then looked at the price ok the KMG. the differance was so small that i figured I had better go with the KMG. Its not worth kicking my...
  7. RodneyJ

    Hello from Louisiana

  8. RodneyJ

    I think I joined

    yep you joined I guess we can show you the secret hand shake now lol.... welcome
  9. RodneyJ

    We should have a Knifedogs android app.

    Thanks Boss that will be nice
  10. RodneyJ

    Dog gone

    Monday it is, sure had planes of having it set up this week. O well guess I needed a lesson in patience
  11. RodneyJ

    Dog gone

    Left my house for all of 20 minutes today and ended up missing delivery of a package from Beaumont metal works just feel like SCREAMING!!!!:3:
  12. RodneyJ

    How did you...

    Well my tale is a lot like Franklin's. Hunting has always been what I loved doing. Several years ago I was invited to go on a hunt with a friend I packed three knives so I did not worry about carrying a stone. Long story short I ended up having to use someone elese's knife to finish my skinning...
  13. RodneyJ

    My first Knife almost complete

    Really nice! Are you needing anybody elese to stand in your wedding.
  14. RodneyJ

    Completed GIB / EERF Grinder with Tool Rest

    Great paint job. Can not think of a better hobby for a mid-life crisis
  15. RodneyJ

    help me spend some Money

    Well I had a slight change in my plan I was figuring up the parts I will have to purchase to complete my grinder build and realized I was not that far off the price of a KMG so I bit the bullet and ordered a KMG. Guess ill have to wait a bit longer for the heat treat oven
  16. RodneyJ

    Bevel grinding, what am I doing wrong?

    Please don't take this the wrong way but if you don't want to trash exspensive steel don't use it. You are getting some good advise but it takes lots of practice. I know how it feels to have a picture in your head of a beautiful knife with perfectly even lines and then produceing something less...
  17. RodneyJ


    Welcome to the pound, Those are some nice blades I really like the mesquite.
  18. RodneyJ

    How to make thumb serrations/grips ?

    I make them on a drill press and use a regular drill bit. when I draw my pattern on the steel I drill holes along the spine were I want them. as I profile the knife I grind away the top half of the holes leaving the bottom half for my thumb serrations. just mark your holes and use a punch were...
  19. RodneyJ

    1st Knife with photos

    Great job that is one sweet knife.
  20. RodneyJ

    Been Busy for a while, missed you guys. Here is why.

    Jim will keep the prayers going up God Bless