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  1. NickWheeler

    Damascus fighter w/damascus guard, Ringed Gidgee handle

    Hi folks :) Well, it's been a while since I've posted here... but I'm going to make time to visit more often. I went ahead and renewed my membership too. :) I have a new knife finished up, and it's ready to go to a new home. :) Blade- Length- 8-5/8" Width- 1-1/2" (at widest point)...
  2. NickWheeler

    Damascus fighter for San Antonio

    Hey guys--- :) First time I've had a knife to post here! :what!: Finished this last week for the American Bladesmith Society Knife Exposition in San Antonio, TX. :) Random patter 1084/15N20 416 ss guard and Corby bolt Ironwood handle Blade length - 9" OAL - 14-1/4" Blade width -...
  3. NickWheeler

    hidden tang glue-up fixture

    Thought this might help some of you folks out... the general idea that is. It's a fixture (2 of them actually) that I made during school hours to clamp a handle and hidden tang knife together during glue-up. The blade is clamped down by the ricasso, and the fixture will pivot/slide around...
  4. NickWheeler

    Happy Birthday Boss Dog!

    Happy Birthday Tracy!!! 2thumbs It's 25 right??? ;) Hope you have a great, safe, and happy birthday!!!! yea!
  5. NickWheeler

    3M feathering adhesive

    Just a thumbs up/heads up for this stuff. My friend Fitzo turned me onto the stuff in the tube. I ordered it from Tracy and have been using it for a couple months now. It is AWESOME. I squeeze a little on my...
  6. NickWheeler

    Favorite sand paper?

    I thought this might be interesting. I've used a lot of them, and three of my favorites are Mirka (bull dog brand), Norton Black Ice, and the RhynoWet Redline from SuperGrit. So what about you guys, what do you like/use??? :)
  7. NickWheeler

    coolant supply for hand sanding???

    So lately my wheels have been turning about building a set up so I can have my choice of coolant flushed over a blade while I'm hand sanding it. Something I could tap a switch and get some coolant to wash over the blade and then turn it right back off. I've considered pond pumps, the coolant...
  8. NickWheeler

    Hey Everybody

    Hey Folks :) Looks like Tracy's got this place off to a hell of a start. I'm excited to see this place grow. 2thumbs -Nick-