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    Step drill bits

    At the risk of getting in trouble by the mods for posting about something for sale - I thought I might mention this here. Some of you may not visit the "for sale" section all that often, but I have various step drills for sale that I wanted to make ya'll aware of. They can be seen here...
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    San Mai Hunter

    1095/420SS San Mai with stabilized Walnut Burl. Full take-down assembly:
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    Frame Handle Fighter (Complete this time)

    managed to get this thing done today. I don't recall ever seeing Walnut exactly like this, but I think it's extraordinary. I also got a little "bonus" on the San Mai blade in that the 420 stainless "jacket" acted a bit like clay and gave us some rather interesting hamon. I do enjoy it when that...
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    Incomplete Frame Handle Fighter

    I had this fighter in my hand last night right after sundown and saw a photo opportunity. I used this in a recent hammer-in demo. Imagine if you will the guard and frame are mild steel and will get hot-blued gun barrel black. The blade is a really active 1095/420San Mai affair. And the scales...
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    San Mai close-up

    For those interested in such things. I was sending a knife off and while cleaning things up noticed how nice it looked laying on the bench and catching the light just right. Keep in mind these displays are really only a few thousandths of an inch in thickness, but we get to appreciate the view...
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    A few recent ones

    Thought I'd post up a few recently completed knives. A couple 1095/420 San Mai laminates and a W1 hunter.
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    Lock Back Lanny's Clip

    Not only my first Lanny's Clip - but my first folder - PERIOD!! Four of us northern Minnesota-type-fellas talked Keith Johnson into giving us a few folder making pointers one weekend about a month ago. If I'm not mistaken, Keith had never built a LC lockback. So there were even a few hurdles...
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    An in-progress folder - an itch I had to scratch.

    It's no secret that my closest and oldest knife making friend is Jerry Rados. Jerry was my first real exposure into making knives. Of course, Jerry is known for his impeccable multi-bar flawless Turkish Twist, and when you match that up with a full Damascus auto folder with fluted MOP and gold...
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    Bog Oak Fighter

    A little something I've got made up for Blade Show 2013. A San Mai Fighter. Not only is the 1095 and 420 stainless San Mai pretty dramatic, but the handle is made from Stabilized Ancient Bog Oak. It has been carbon dated at 5460 years old! Here's the description from the fellow from whom I...
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    Gidgee Hunter

    This guy sent his own piece of Gidgee from Australia for me to use on his knife. I wish a had a whole box of this stuff. The blade is W2 and the take-down fittings are stainless. I like it when W1 or W2 sort of "sneak" in their own little bits of hamon quite unexpectedly. There are at...
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    The "Deer Guide" Bowie

    I am finally able to come up for air for a few weeks. This one goes out and then I can focus on the Arkansas Show a bit. One for a nice fella designed like one on my web site called The Deer Guide. A short 10" W2 blade with African Blackwood and fixed up with some wrought iron take-down...
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    Bowie for Little Rock Show

    Got this one just sent off to Scott Teaschner for some of his leather magic! It will be quite admirable I am certain. I'll be sure to post up some more pics when I get the sheath back. The Bowie is for a delivery in Little Rock to some chap from England. ;) W2 Bowie blade with a nice hamon...
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    Maple Fighter

    Something I just finished up for my Available Knives page. W2 and take-down fittings. Stabilized Maple.
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    "The Alaskan" - WIP

    Well, I'm going to get a WIP going here at the request of the Big Dogs. I have a guy getting 2 hunters, a Bowie and an integral of matching handle materials, and this is the Bowie, which I have dubbed "The Alaskan", as the four knives will be going to interior Alaska. It's based on a Bowie I...
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    W2 Sombrero

    Here's a W2 "Sombrero" that should complete the outfit of any discriminating hunter. Hand-rubbed hamon, 416 stainless guard and mortised Stabilized California figured Walnut. I used some flush filed bullseye pins to keep the whole shootin' match together.
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    Ironwood/San Mai

    A li'l sumpthin' for the best dressed hunter: ;) 1095/416 San Mai blade Hot-blued steel guard Ironwood handle Ought to make a feller proud.
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    The "Swan River Fighter"

    My new location on the Swan River in northern Minnesota needed to be represented further after my initial knife the "Illi-sota" hunter. I'm just a sucker for Twisted Wrought Iron and African Blackwood (the good kind!) Here is 14 3/4" of W2 and the rest:
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    San Mai Hunter

    Here's a knife just completed for a good customer. He chose a San Mai blade, which I made from 416 stainless with a 1095 core. 416 satin guard. And just a really sweet piece of African Blackwood for the handle. I find the Blackwood with the varying tones of brown striations to be of much...
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    The "Illi-sota" Hunter

    The result of a move long desired, from Illinois to Minnesota. This Damascus was made to make the last knife I sold while in Illinois. It made the trip to my new location in Northern Minnesota. I wanted my first knife in Minnesota to be a little different. I "skived" out the steel in the...