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  1. leatherman

    A Friendly Reminder About Knife Dogs

    This forum is a Drama, Profanity, and Troll free Zone. Even cleverly edited profanity is still profanity, we are all adults and know the difference. There are also a good number of us with children who read along with us. I dont know about everyone, but cuss in front of my child in public...
  2. leatherman

    A Couple Just Out the Door for Chad Cunningham

    These two I'm happy with. I do love that the ends of the XO stamp comes out in a nice heart at the tip of the sheath. Some meander stamps will do the same. It really pays to study the masters to see these nifty little things. :) The back, I came up with this type of belt loop a few years...
  3. leatherman

    Leather for knife maker Chad Cunningham

    Its been a while since I posted pics of Chads work, this fellas craft just keeps getting better and better. I love the color on those blue/green handles. I've got a few more I'd like to show as I get them dug out of the archives. His tiny little knives are a big hit, my wife carries one daily...
  4. leatherman

    Happy New Year!!!

    I hope everyone has a happy and prosperous New Year!! Best Wishes from the Leather Clan!!! :biggrin:
  5. leatherman

    Going to be gone for a couple of days

    Hello Knife Dogs Sheath Fans!! I will be out of town, and possibly out of cell range, for a few days to attend my Grandmothers funeral. No worries, she is is a much much better place with Grandfather and my Father. Just imagining them all together makes me feel warm inside. Y'all behave now...
  6. leatherman

    2011 Leatherwork of Distinction

    Hey everyone, first off let me thank y'all for making this one of the best sheath making forums on the internet! One of the easiest to moderate and one with the largest pool of talent I have seen anywhere. Congrats to all! I need a favor. I am searching over the threads of the past year...
  7. leatherman

    Please send some thoughts and prayers

    My brother in leather Dave Cole is one sick puppy right now. I don't do this very often, but I feel we need to send some "Get Well" wishes, he deserves it. So Get well soon Dave, its too quiet around here without you!
  8. leatherman

    New Leather For Chad Cunningham's Knives

    Here's some new stuff just off the bench for Chad. My photo host is acting up, sorry for the thumbnails. :31: I'll get descriptions of each one up asap, hopefully tonight! Thanks for looking!! Dwayne Edit! ok, here's the gist. #1 Little guardless bowie, check out the damascus on this...
  9. leatherman

    Busse Badger Attack E handle Variant

    Never thought I'd let this one go, but desperate times and all .... :( This is one of a set of five from a show in California from what the fellow I got it from told me, every one was different (coating and handle variations) Busse Combat Badger Attack E handle Desert Tan coated blade...
  10. leatherman

    Just off the Bench

    Here's some new stuff going back to the knife maker Chad Cunningham. the more of his work I handle the more I like it. His work in damascus is very nice and usable. The one below has egg shell colored tegu lizard side skin. Classy looking color. This one has black tegu belly skin...
  11. leatherman

    S guard Bowie and Mexican Loop Sheath

    Going out today. The Damascus on this knife is sooooo nice! Even the S guard is Damascus. :biggrin: Knife by Chad Cunningham, no nonsense knives for no nonsense folks.
  12. leatherman

    Its been a while since I posted pics sooooo

    Here goes, These are done for one of my favorite real use knifemakers Chad Cunningham. Been working with this guy for a few months now and its been a real joy. Thanks for looking. Lots more to come as I get them sorted out
  13. leatherman

    What We Have Here.....

    Is an amazing collection of sheath making talent! None of the forums I frequent have such a range, or are as active as this one. Thanks everyone for making this sub forum such a nice place to moderate (it really runs itself) and an amazing resource! A huge thanks to Dave Cole for...
  14. leatherman

    Just off the bench

    Just finished this small group of sheaths for the Mickley PB-5. I should have taken a pic of the knife as well, but I got in a hurry to pack them up and didnt get one. oops Hopefully I can get the maker to take one for me. I really like this knife! He said the knives would be finished off and...
  15. leatherman

    What happens when your hunting dog......

    Finds a Toad! huh1 .... and she wont leave them alone!! :rolleyes: Every time she gets near one its go time! Then, well, you see the aftermath. Well, some of it, whats all over the floor is worse. unsure
  16. leatherman

    Sheathmaking: tips and tricks and getting started

    Dave and I have decided to have an informational thread for those who have discovered a nifty trick, or have some tips for those starting in the trade or for those of us like me that never stop learning. My thirst for knowledge is never satiated. cool 1 Please dont hesitate to post your...
  17. leatherman

    Reference Books

    What books does everyone use for inspiration and learning new techniques? Where'd you find them? I've found them everywhere, including a couple of nice finds at Estate sales. I'll be going through my bookshelf when I get to the shop. :)
  18. leatherman

    A couple of sheaths for a couple of Kosters

    Gonna start this place up with a few pics. I thought I had lost these pics, but they turned up on a back page in photobucket! :D
  19. leatherman

    First post!

    I hadda do it, it looked way too clean and shiney in here, I just had to come in and track the place up with my muddy paws. :p