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  1. John Wilson

    Newbie questions.

    I could build a grinder today without much trouble. When I first started making knives I’d never even seen a belt grinder in real life, and all I had for machine tools was a 10 inch drill press and a vise. It made more sense to me to buy one. I can’t even remember how I came up with the money...
  2. John Wilson

    Feathered Skinner

    ^^^ I’m with those two! Talk about unique! The feather damascus is amazing to begin with. Then you add the bolster and that gorgeous handle- killer combination. What I really respect is that you know this knife won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but for a whole lot of people that is exactly...
  3. John Wilson

    Koa Hunter

    That is an outstanding piece of koa, btw. All koa is beautiful, and that’s beautiful even for koa.
  4. John Wilson

    Koa Hunter

    Beautiful knife! The handle shape is excellent. Fit and finish look great. That’s a lifetime keepsake for your son. Well done.
  5. John Wilson

    Beaded and Tacked Sheath

    Are there meanings to the colors and the symbols?
  6. John Wilson

    Drop shipping knives

    With bigger companies you’ll probably have to become a distributor. All you can do is call the company and see what they require.
  7. John Wilson

    Beaded and Tacked Sheath

    that’s amazing! how much time goes into a sheath with that much bead work?
  8. John Wilson

    Beaded and Tacked Sheath

    that’s cool! i wouldn’t even know where to start on something like this.
  9. John Wilson

    Aluminum quench plates

    i use 1” thick x 4” wide x 16” long i think i got them from here (USA KNIFEMAKER)
  10. John Wilson

    4 inch Hunter in Elk and Maple

    Here are better pictures to show the process
  11. John Wilson

    4 inch Hunter in Elk and Maple

    On each side between the handle scale and tang is three layers of liner. Blue / white / blue. These are the fiber liners. I use a hole punch to make holes in the center to hold even more epoxy. Between the two handle materials I used two slivers of blue fiber liner. I usually use one...
  12. John Wilson

    My latest

    great job! excellent shape on that antler, too.
  13. John Wilson

    Where’s Zito ?

    I think that math problem is a function of Kevin’s range of possibilities. His range could be rather small, or infinite. There are many variables at play, which could lead to two sets of problems for Kevin. Kevin, we’re here for you, buddy, no matter where you fall on the graph.
  14. John Wilson

    Where’s Zito ?

    I don’t buy Kevin’s absence story. Something doesn’t add up.
  15. John Wilson

    Calling all electric motor people!!

    Yes. that motor is the same frame size (56) which means the shaft diameter and key size are also the same. The good thing about a drill press is the motor is foot mounted. You can mount just about any motor you want, you just may have to make a plate to bolt the motor’s foot plate to. A...
  16. John Wilson

    Where’s Zito ?

    Kevin, you forgot to carry the 1. Don’t take it too hard. Happens to all of us.
  17. John Wilson

    Finished Elk Hunter

    excellent job! man that’s beautiful.
  18. John Wilson

    Tru-oil question

    Exactly what Ed said. In fact, about two drops will do the entire handle after the first coat where the wood soaks it up. I put a drop or so on and rub with my fingertip until it actually gets dry and hot feeling. It gets tacky enough to squeak within about 30 seconds. And even with a...
  19. John Wilson


    very cool!
  20. John Wilson

    "Coolest" pocket knife under $50

    Ganzo knives are very well made. I’ve bought three different models and all are good quality.