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  1. K Hammer/Grind-In & Knife Show Details

    I'm a Minnesota knife maker - or at least act like one.
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    Illinois Switchblade Ban Repeal Passes House Committee

    That is fantastic!! As an ex-Illinoisan I am thrilled to see this. My hat is off to you, Doug.
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    My first attempt at a stainless steel San-Mai blade

    If you press the ladder in too late in the bar forming process, and then forge it back flat, when you grind your bevel, you don't get all the way through the jacket portion. Just press it in earlier. Also, the stainless doesn't move the same amount as the tool steel. You can literally squeeze...
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    My first attempt at a stainless steel San-Mai blade

    What I would do is press the ladder in a little earlier. The press back flat and reduce to final thickness. That way you don't have the outer jacket going all the way to the edge. You don't want that 'cause it won't harden.
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    My first attempt at a stainless steel San-Mai blade

    I don't think you'd want to use ladder dies - would you? Won't you just end up with stripes? I have no idea how you make you billets or from what. I would run mine through, but I don't think I'd like the effect.
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    My first attempt at a stainless steel San-Mai blade

    These are from using drawing dies. It's also a great visualization of what's happening inside your steel when using drawing dies.
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    I would like to discuss mirror finish on a buffer

    I've been "preaching" your point for years - thanks for saying it. My quote has always been, "When you're sanding out scratches - you're not sanding the scratches. You're sanding everything that's NOT a scratch." You need to take everything down equal to the bottom of the scratches. Which means...
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    Cleaning up Stabilized Blocks?

    I use my mill. Really cuts down on the dust.
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    I would like to discuss mirror finish on a buffer

    The 'secret' to a really beautiful imperfection free mirror polish is not the result of high-quality buffing. A good mirror polish is the result of effective sanding. You don't remove imperfections in your work piece by buffing. You need everything perfect at 2000 grit, or 3000 grit. Then...
  10. K Hammer/Grind-In & Knife Show Details

    Probably not a "take-down" talk, but more about fitting fittings. But the two topics are so closely related they go hand in hand.
  11. K Hammer/Grind-In & Knife Show Details

    In the summer it's only 20-22 hours long.
  12. K Hammer/Grind-In & Knife Show Details

    I'm certainly going to try to make it this year. Tracy twisted my arm, so I may be doing a knife fittings "fitting" talk/demo/Q&A. I've done full four hour talks on take down knives, which are mostly about getting all the parts fitted up, so we may just be covering the basics. If I see some...
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    Knife Rights' OK Knife Law Preemption and Switchblade Carry Bills Take Effect Today!

    Great work, Doug. I can't wit until you get to Minnesota! (Good luck.)
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    Knife Rights' Wisconsin Knife Law Reform Bill Passes Assembly

    That is fantastic news. Thank you - from all of us.
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    Step drill bits

    At the risk of getting in trouble by the mods for posting about something for sale - I thought I might mention this here. Some of you may not visit the "for sale" section all that often, but I have various step drills for sale that I wanted to make ya'll aware of. They can be seen here...
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    Karl Andersen, JS ~ Cowboy Bowie

    Thank you, gentlemen. This is that blade in its twisted form: