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    Pin placement help

    How do you decide where to put your pins? I was taught to eyeball pins and put them where they look right, not to measure. I have also been told to divide the handle in 1/4ths. If a handle has some belly on the bottom but not on the top that would place your pin lower in the center of the...
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    Jimping Help

    Is there a thread on jimping how to/ do's and don't? I have a few questions. Do you do your jimping before heat treat, if so, can you do it after and what do you use? (this seams like a stupid question because I am know you can but looking for the best practices.) What are the best tools for...
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    A Great Loss

    Attended the funeral of my mentor and good friend "Bill" WC Davis today. Bill has been a huge help over the last couple of years teaching me how to make knives. I wish I had more time to learn from him. I am thankful for his help and all the help from this forum as well...
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    I was looking over the Blade Show Rules and it gives guidelines for insurance for the show. Do you have any advise on where to get insurance for the show? What do you ask for when talking to an insurance agent? Thank You
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    CNCed Scales

    I am looking for someone to CNC some knife scales for me, I found one company however it is taking a while to get something done. Others I have contacted are not taking on new work. :les: It would be great if I could have some help finding a company to do some CNC work for me. Who do you use...
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    Recommended Wheel Hardness

    I was looking for a 10in serrated wheel for removing stock fast what hardness do you recommend? I was told to get a 90 Duro but notice many are using 70 what are the advantages and disadvantages to the 90?
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    So I haven't been happy with my stabilizing processes so far, I am trying to stabilize some Myrtle and have tried several methods, here is my question. What are the places like Knife and Gun using? Vacuum or Pressure or both? So I understand that the vacuum will take the air out but I would...
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    Presentation and Packaging

    I tried to search this topic, if it has already been covered please provide thread. Otherwise I would like to know what others are doing for packaging and presentation. Pictures would be great. I have used watch boxes and zipper bags. I am just looking to improve my presentation of my knives and...
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    New Knives

    So these are some of the first kitchen knives I have made. Carter profile
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    Knife Designs

    I know this might be kind of a touchy subject but I would like to know your thoughts on knife designs. There are only so many designs out there and out of them are only so many practical designs. How and when is it acceptable to use another persons design and to what extent. How much...
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    Removing handle scales

    I used 5 min epoxy to attach the handles on a knife but now need to take the handle off, what is the best way other than grinding the handle or drilling the pins, is there something I can soak the handle in to release it with out doing much damage to the wood?
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    Black and Red Carbon Fiber and Mother of Pearl

    My first time working with Mother of Pearl, I really love the way it looks. I can't wait to do a black lip MOP
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    Camel bone Sheepsfoot

    Not sure if this is the right place and it isn't the best picture but wanted to post a pic of the knives I am about to finish up.
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    New Here, Sharpening Article and Kickstarter

    Hi I am fairly new here, not sure if this is the best place to post this but here is a link to an article I wrote for ITS Tactical. i would love to hear your feedback. Also I am working on a sharpening video and running a kickstarter so I will post a link to it also! Thank You for your feedback...
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    what size power hammer?

    I am looking at getting a power hammer and don't really know what size to get. I would like to get a little giant I will be forging knives but also would like to do some damascus. Do say a 25# have and advantage on control verses say a 50# or 100# I hope this is the right place to post this...
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    A Good day

    I started heat treating last night and worked till 4am got 21 knives heat treated and tempered today finished 90 scales of G10 drilled for pins and ruffed to shape, I was pretty happy with my progress maybe I will finish up these 100 knives before Jan after all.
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    New Here

    Hi, my name is Patrick and I just started full time knife making a couple of weeks ago. I am looking forward to meeting new people and getting to know more about making knives. I took the 500 intensive class from Murray carter around 3 years ago. I just launched my first limited edition knives...