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  1. Erin Burke

    Electro etchers please respond.

    I clean my blades with either 90% alcohol or windex prior to etch. My stencils are from Ernie Grospitch, and I tape them down with black electrical tape. My etcher was built from Radio Shack parts based on plans from Chris Crawford's website. I use alligator clips and q-tips for the etch...
  2. Erin Burke

    Cutlass Bowie - Finishing the Heartache trio

    Thanks Rick and Stacy! I appreciate the kind words. In all honesty, I'm glad to have finally finished the trio because -- while I really like the aesthetic of these knives -- reception from potential customers has been luke-warm... as illustrated by the fact that I still have the other two...
  3. Erin Burke

    New Year Resolutions

    Not every time... ... I have almost as many shoes as my wife. A person needs hiking boots, winter boots, work boots, shoes for trail running, shoes for pavement running, shoes for treadmill running, wrestling shoes, fancy office shoes, and B&W Chuck Taylors... just for starters. Plus, my wife...
  4. Erin Burke

    New Year Resolutions

    ^^^Hahaha!!!! This... definitely this. Erin
  5. Erin Burke

    2017 KD Members Choice Awards - TACTICAL FOLDER

    Knife #1: Ben Cardoso (cardoso5fr) - Classical 4" Balisong.
  6. Erin Burke

    2017 KD Members Choice Awards - NEO TRIBAL / BUSHCRAFT / HAWKS, AXES

    Here's a cool hawk/axe from... Photo #1: Ben Tendick (Benr.t) - Huntsman
  7. Erin Burke

    2017 KD Members Choice Awards - NON TACTICAL FIXED BLADE Under 10" (Over all)

    Knife #1: John Doyle (J. Doyle) - Fileworked Hunter w/ Koa, Hamon & Damascus fittings. I'm a bit of a Doyle fan-boy... and per Brad's rules, John can only have his hat in two categories, but...
  8. Erin Burke

    2017 KD Members Choice Awards - NON TACTICAL FOLDERS

    Here are some that make my list for the year. Knife #1: John Doyle - Koa & Damascus Liner-lock. Great shape and use of materials... plus, John does some of the finest rope file-work around. Knife #2: Ondrej Berkus (Papi) - Horologist's Auto Knife #3: Peter Martin (PMARTINKNIVES) -...
  9. Erin Burke

    2017 KD Members Choice Awards - NON TACTICAL FIXED BLADE 10" and longer (Over all)

    Taking this seriously and going back through some threads from the past year. I'll start things off with... Knife #1: Bruce Bump - Tomb Raider... we all knew he'd be here. :D Knife #2: John Doyle - Redwood Burl Camp/Belt knife. Knife #3: Brad Lilly - Blackout Bowie. This seems like...
  10. Erin Burke

    2017 KD Members Choice Awards - TACTICAL FIXED BLADE

    I'll start off this category with some I liked recently. Knife #1: Justin Presson - Ranger Knife Knife #2 : Ben Tendick - Wakizashi. I'm not sure whether this is the best category for this knife/sword... but it seems fairly tactical to me. ;)
  11. Erin Burke

    Knife bevels without a plunge line...My take

    Johan... your knife looks great. I've never done a blended bevel to get rid of the plunge. On the rare occasion where I do a full-tang knife with scales, I'll just continue the bevel grind through the handle (more or less). Very few of my knives have plunges, though... but most have guards...
  12. Erin Burke

    Cutlass Bowie - Finishing the Heartache trio

    Thanks guys. Hope everyone is having a happy holiday season. Erin
  13. Erin Burke

    Cutlass Bowie - Finishing the Heartache trio

    It's with a sigh of relief that I finally present this knife -- I call it a cutlass Bowie -- the last of the Heartache trio. This Bowie is the first of three, similarly themed, knives to be designed, but the last of them to be built. The smallest of these knives -- a little vest fighter in...
  14. Erin Burke

    Just finished knife for an Army Ranger

    Justin... that knife looks just about perfect. Like the others have said, I'm betting you'll be asked to make more. Erin
  15. Erin Burke

    photo editing software

    I started using Gimp back when I was running Linux as an OS. Now I use Gimp for Windows. It is very versatile, and it's free. There can be a bit of a learning curve with any of these feature-packed software packages, but Gimp has always treated me well. If you're having trouble with your...
  16. Erin Burke

    What's going on in your shop?

    As posted over in the custom forum, I just finished this one. It was a project a long time in the making... but I think that I've got a bit of my shop mojo back. Now I've returned to working on its big brother. We'll see how it turns out. Erin
  17. Erin Burke

    Procession - W2 and Koa Clip-point Fighter

    This is a knife that I finished up last weekend. Some stats OAL: 12-3/4" Blade: 7-1/2" (tip-to-choil) of W2 with a significant distal taper Weight: 0.69lbs (313g) Fittings: mild steel w/ blued and hot-oiled grooves Handle: stabilized Koa from Mark Farley at BurlSource I almost never...
  18. Erin Burke

    Nielsen Disc grinder system

    Not at all. The disc plates stick to the hub with a ton of force, but there is almost zero magnetism on the face of the plates... like no attraction between knife steel and the plate at all. I think it has something to do with the layout of the poles and spacing of the magnets being engineered...
  19. Erin Burke

    “Tomb Raider” Dagger by Bruce D. Bump MS

    Beautiful work Bruce. Not much to dislike in this package. The damascus layout and execution is perfect for the design. The proportions are great, the handle shape/fluting is top-notch, and the fittings are sublime. I have to tell you, though... I'd have loved to be a fly on the wall through...
  20. Erin Burke

    Nielsen Disc grinder system

    I believe it was Ed who talked me into purchasing this system about five years ago. The cost was substantial... but to me, it was well worth it. Learning how to use a disc well (for me anyway) represented significant evolutionary advancement in my processes. Unlike Ed, however, I much prefer...