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    Camp Choppas

    Really nice, how did you do the texture on the blade?
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    Stabbed myself ouch!!!!!!!!

    That is very good advice, a older guy I worked with lost his thumb when he got his glove caught in the spinning bit on a pionjar drilling holes in stone.
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    Brass Lum Style tanto

    Nice! What is cold tempered?
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    new from New Hampshire

    hey thanks, I was stationed in New Bedford way back in early 1980s. lived on the state pier for 2 years and 4 months. I'll check out the tutorial. Thanks again.
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    new from New Hampshire

    Hello, I am from Northern New Hampshire. I have had an interest in making knifes for years and found some o-1 tool steel in the gararge that I got as scrap so my interest has been rekindled. Working on building a paintcan kiln and just need to find some satanite to cover the fiber insulation...