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  1. gull wing

    Re gardening 35vn

    I know, it has been asked please forgive me, With s35vn, is the process the same as though it was not previously hardened? Or is there more steps before you can start? Thanks
  2. gull wing

    Steel liners question

    LINER LOCK: Plan to use 410 SS for liners. I've always used titanium in the past. 1. Do you harden first, before drilling, slicing, bending. 2. Do you do the above before hardning.......note 410 is quite soft and can get out of "flat"
  3. gull wing

    HT 410 steel for liners?

    I'm trying something new, stainlesss steel for my liner locks instead of my usual titanium. I tested a pocket clip I made with .040" thick material and it turned out fine(1800 hardening and temper twice @ 750, two hrs). My question is At what stage do you slice and bend the liner lock...
  4. gull wing

    Tempering question

    After the Heat Treat: I always Cryo. .....but if I should want to skip the Cryo and go straight to the Temper. Now the kiln is too hot to Temper right away????? so: 1. How long can I to wait before the Temper? (Kiln may take hours to cool down) 2. Must I have another Kiln. (amateur...
  5. gull wing

    Grinder speed controller?

    I have an old JK Grinder, single speed. How would I go about installing a speed controller? Is is as simple as buying one from the knife supply houses and installing it?? Not an electrician!! 1 1/2 HP Baldor 110V
  6. gull wing

    Wicked Edge Question

    Looking for something that is fool proof. I have a problem of not getting the bevels the same on both sides when reprofiling, especially the last inch of the tip. I have an Edge Pro and have used it for years, but too often the problem occurs. Clearily I'm not a great knife sharpener. Is the...
  7. gull wing

    S30V, re-heat treat?

    After it's already been heat treated, can you do a re-do? I have a blade I want a bit harder. If so, how too? Or refer me to where to look.
  8. gull wing


    Ordered some in .100" thick. I have the HT info from the maker but surely there is good advice from those who have actually HT the stuff. ie : What would be the best hardness for a folder blade of that thickness? What is your advice on the HT?
  9. gull wing

    Delaying the Temper?

    440c folder blade I hardened, quenched, and cryo. Then had a family emergency and was not able to temper after the cryo. May I delay the Temper a few days without any ill effect?
  10. gull wing

    Benchmade 525 mod

    I really like the Presidio blade, not so much the handle. I kicked this around a long time before I took the leap, because it meant re shaping the handle a lot. I wanted to fix the rather large handle to make it more pocketable, plus the "file like" aluminum scales hurt my hands. This is a G10...
  11. gull wing

    440C, hardness?

    Planing a folder, 3 1/4" long, 3/32" thick, flat ground, light duty. Would like it to take a very sharp edge. How hard do you sugest I take it? thanks
  12. gull wing

    Cpm m4

    Can CPM M4 be obtained in small quantities?......and if so, where?
  13. gull wing

    01 steel question

    I have some 3/32" thick 01 steel on the way, for folder knives. Should I wrap them in the foil, considering I'm going to oil quinch? I know there is no way I can unwrap before quinching. Grinding before HT? Yes? NO?
  14. gull wing

    Success at heat treating!

    I want to thank you all for the help you've given me. I've ask a lot of questions and the answers were all helpful. My kiln came in and I'm happy with it. I've actually done two blades. To get the feel of things, did some test HT with some blanks of steel. Most helpful! My folder blades came...
  15. gull wing

    410, 416, 303, 304 sheets and rods?

    Now I have a kiln on the way, I'm thinking ahead. I've always used titanium as my lock springs material, because you don't have to heat treat it. I see suppliers have SS sheets and rods, can I heat treat these(see above)? What temps/hold and temper?
  16. gull wing

    To grind or not to grind?

    I've sent my blades to the hardeners for a long time with the blades about 60 - 70 % complete. Never a warped blade. Now that I will be hardening my own soon, the question comes up again. To grind or not to grind.
  17. gull wing

    How do you handle two or more blades?

    I have a Heat Treat Oven ordered. Finally! Say I have two blades, time to plate quinch them, I remove one and quinch. What happens to the other during this time? Do I just close the door till I can get to it? Will the delay mess anything up?
  18. gull wing

    CPM154, HT question

    I don't have my Evenheat yet but I have another Q: Is there a "preheat" for this steel? As in (Preheat too 1400deg for 30 min, then to 1950 for 45 min) Or just full speed to temp?
  19. gull wing

    Temper twice?

    I will buy a HT oven, right now saving enough scratch to get one. In the meantime, I'm studying and asking dumb questions.: 154CM "We temper twice at 500 deg for two hours each time" 1. AFTER THE FIRST TEMPER - Do you take the blade out of the oven and reach room temp then do the second...
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    Gull Wing shots

    Start with some of my early ones, later more recent ones.