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  1. 1Zach1

    Dendritic Cobalt steel

    Talonite is Stellite 6BH, it's a hot rolled alloy of Stellite. Generally Stellite 6K is what is used in knives when someone says "It has a Stellite blade"
  2. 1Zach1

    "Borrowed" photographs

    Once the overseas fakes start coming in, you're set :D
  3. 1Zach1

    "Borrowed" photographs

    Until they find the crop tool and just make the image smaller. You need to have those watermarks moved into the center if you want to cover all your bases. It will however pretty much crap up the picture, so the question becomes does the potential for more improper use of your photos outweigh...
  4. 1Zach1

    Blizzard today here...

    We were supposed to get 7" of snow today, but looks like we only got 4-5" and storm is all but over. Winds are kicking up pretty hard.
  5. 1Zach1

    Rockwell C hardness scale question

    What exactly is toughness?
  6. 1Zach1

    Hurricane Ida

    It's a strong Tropical Storm now and weakening, still never a good thing but better than a Cat 2 storm.
  7. 1Zach1

    What custom are you EDCing?