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    All done! First peened tang and makers mark!

    1095 with 5 inch cutting edge. Stainless guard and pommel. Amber dyed stag handle with micarta. Loving it. Still getting better.
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    Getting close on this one.

    Still needs hand sanding and etching. Was not sure if I wanted to peen the tang or thread it. Still debating. Rough fit looking good.
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    Finally got this one done

    Lots learned and finally can do things with a variable speed grinder! Gonna be awesome going forward. This one cracked on the quench and I had to grind it out. Still had a small crack but I had gotten ahead and had fitted the guard and handle. Finished it out knowing it is flawed, but just...
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    Hack for filing around stag

    I have seen this before and really like the look. In have a nice piece of stag and did not want to cut it again, so could not add anymore length and went for the small piece of stainless. I can get really close, but how do you get it spot on? First try and pleased with it. Also had a design...
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    Evenheat 110 volt unit

    I understand that it takes longer to come up to temp, but any other drawbacks?
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    Finally Ordering a Grinder

    I saved up and was ready to grab a KMG TX, but had a few questions. Mailed them to the email off the website with no response. Maybe a one off situation, but it started me to looking around when I had not. Had never heard of Reeder and then looked to see where they were. Imagine my...
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    Leather for the small bowie

    Finished this up tonight. Custom cut letter M for the stamping and purple dyed beaver tail to match the purple heart wood. One hammer mishap, but not much I can do about it.
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    Latest Build - always learning

    I was making this along with the last one and trying to slow down even more. The grind is down to about 60 %, so more to come. I have ceramic so that I can hopefully back up and get good plunge lines. I have stayed away from that area so far. One tool that I could not live without is the...
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    Almost done with another one

    I am still learning, and yes I had an issue with plunge lines. My grinder belt moves, but I just got some ceramic to add to it, but not before I had to turn this into a vanishing plunge line. Lol. I am very close to buying a real grinder. 1095 forged blade, but to me a ton of grinding to fix...
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    Temporary Mounting

    What do you guys do to attach pieces in a temporary way to rough them out before final finishing? Specifically, I have to create a pommel to this antler. I could use screws or pins, but not sure just yet what else I want to do. Maybe design as you is not the best idea. I want to get the...
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    Temper Oven

    I was telling someone about possibly buying a heat treat oven and we had a misunderstanding. He said they had some oven that was new in the box and nobody knew what to do with it. Turned out to be a Quincy Labs oven. Highest temp is 450, but I think there is nothing wrong with it being used...
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    Newbie critique

    New around here and had some health issues that stopped me for a while, but found some issues and fixing them. I have about 40 knives under my belt and the first 5 a 10 were about as simple as it gets. Stock reduction with a grinder. All full tang knives and that is not where my heart is...
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    Stick tang or partial tang question

    How much of the blade is needed to make a good hidden or stick tang? Ones I have done so far had plenty of backbone because I had larger handles. Working on a couple where I needed them to be smaller, but wasn’t sure how small you can go. Assume the fit up is pretty tight meaning no wobble...
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    Finally finished another

    I have made less than 40 knives so far, but finding certain aspects easier now. I am not on par with most of you, but I know each one is getting better and better. I am slow but deliberate. Thoughts on this one? 1095 with copper, elk antler, and what was dubbed as ironwood. I did sand to...
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    Quench tank

    I asked a friend about a quench tank and we found some scrap that already had a bottom welded on and was used for some larger application. He added handles and a lid and then we sandblasted it. Silver was the only paint I had, so there is that. It’s heavy, but cost me nothing. Any issues with...
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    Harden Tiny Knife

    I did this fun and then it got serious! Lol. Any dangers to hardening this thing? It is either 01 or 1095. I would hate to ruin it when it will not really get used, but want it to be as complete as possible.
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    Belt Grinder Should I

    Before I got started, I bought a Grizzly knife grinder. After making 30 or so knives over a couple of years, I was thinking how nice a variable speed unit would be and have the ability to use different wheels etc. I find myself figuring out ways to do things, but seems like an investment here...
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    Sanding transitions

    When you have a metal spacer between two softer materials, how on earth do you get a perfectly flat tradition? The softer materials always wear away and leave the metal bump.
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    Second hidden tang and first full forge.

    Still learning and adding skills, but happy so far. I forged this out of 1095 and it took forever. Already have a new hammer on the way. Antler handle with ironwood. I crushed the turquoise and used the superglue technique. I wanted the wood to appear more distressed and missed the mark...
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    Attaching steel to copper

    I am still learning how to make knives, but I tend to design as I go and then make mods after time. Just a hobby and not selling anything. I decided to file out a star in 1095 and wanted to attach to this copper piece. Will JB Weld hold it fine, or do I need to also drill a hole and pin it...