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  1. Stang Bladeworks

    New to CNC, looking for advice

    I have been making framelocks for a little while using a manual benchtop mill. This has been great to learn on and I don't regret starting that way. That being said I have quickly learned that it isn't overly efficient. So much of my time is eaten up with manual machining setups that I dont have...
  2. Stang Bladeworks

    Has anyone tried laser cutting

    To save some time and headache I have my parts waterjet cut. The waterjet is not accurate enough to spot holes on both sides of my scales so I only spot a few holes on either side and manually transfer the rest. It is also not accurate enough to cut my lockbars. Specifically the Kerf is too...
  3. Stang Bladeworks

    Slipjoint long pull question

    Hi Guys, I just got a mill and I have been looking for any excuse to use it. I decided to use a 1/16 end mill to mill long pulls in my slipjoints. Due to my process I need to mill this after hardening. I run my cpm154 at 62HRC so it is a bit of a challenge. I bought a carbide end mill on amazon...
  4. Stang Bladeworks

    Surface grinder questions

    I have been doing a bit of research about surface grinders and I quickly learned that the wheels should be balanced. I have watched several videos on the topic now and im left with some questions. My older machine does not have a tapered arbor and im not sure if it can be removed for use in a...
  5. Stang Bladeworks

    Help with stop pins

    I am in the process of designing my first framelock. I have modified my design a bit. And im in the process of choosing all the hardware and tooling. I want to have shouldered standoffs and a shouldered stop pin to help with lateral rigidity. I also plan to use a hinderer style stabilizer. All...
  6. Stang Bladeworks

    Anodizing question

    I am just getting into anodizing titanium and i am wondering if etching a scale with the detent already set can affect it. I assume ceramic is fine but what about steel? Is it affected by multi etch or the actual anodizing process and if so what do you use to mask it off? I have heard that...
  7. Stang Bladeworks

    Question for the mods

    Hi. I have been enjoying the forums this last year or so but lately i have been having some trouble. I posted a charity auction knife in an attempt to raise money for the stollery childrens hospital. I have been told on more than one forum now that that is not allowed. My question is: can i post...
  8. Stang Bladeworks

    Recent slipjoints

    Hi everyone, Here are some slipjoints i have recently completed. I would love some feedback. I have changed my pattern a bit since completing these. Now the inside of the handle is curved instead of straight. Kind of like a lannys clip. I have been fortunate enough to have found alot of great...
  9. Stang Bladeworks

    Knife for my Grandpa

    I made this knife for my Grandpa. He has helped me alot and I figured I would share it with you guys. As always I would love your feedback. The knife is made from 1084. Handles are purple camel bone and the sheath is made from 8 ounce veg tanned leather hand stitched.
  10. Stang Bladeworks

    Looking for opinions on my recent knives

    Hi I just completed 2 knives that i am pretty proud of. They are simple designs but they reflect the style of knives I make. I would love to get any feedback good or bad. I am brand new to this forum so if this is not the place to post i apologize. This one is 5/32 1084 with 0d green g10...
  11. Stang Bladeworks

    Hello Knifedogs

    Hi My name is Derek. I am a hobbyist knifemaker from Canada. I heard positive things about this forum from members of other forums so i figured i better check it out. I have been into knives for quite a while. I have been making (or attempting to make) knives for over a year now. I am hoping to...