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  1. R Appleby


    Hello all, my most recently completed project. A take down bowie, hope ya like it. Blade; 10 inch flat ground to a convex edge, satin finished 5160 Guard; Silicon bronze Handle; Cocobolo, bronze and mammoth ivory Pommel; Silicon bronze OAL; 15 inches Sheath; 8/10oz Wickett and Craig leather...
  2. R Appleby

    Bamboo utility knife

    Picked a piece of saw steel off the floor and made a quick pencil drawing on it. Tweaked it until it was something I liked. a Bamboo sculpted utility knife with a bamboo leaf shaped blade. The art work on the sheath was inspired by a combination of chinese and Japanese ink and brush art. Blade...
  3. R Appleby

    New batch of drop points

    Hello all just finished a new batch of drop points, Blades are 3 5/8ths inch hollow ground satin finished AEB-L, 8 inches OAL with tapered tangs and Sheeps horn, buckeye burl, box elder burl, desert ironwood and giraffe bone handle. Thanks for looking
  4. R Appleby


    Hello all, here's a hideout I just finished with mirror polished aeb-l Steel, tapered Tang red fiber liner and carbon fiber handle material. Bees waxed Wickett & Craig leather Thanks for looking
  5. R Appleby


    Hello all, Sorry, Its been a long time since I have posted here. Fresh from the shutter of Chuck Ward are my 2 most recent completed projects. These are Randall designed model 14s that I made some minor changes to. I slimmed down the guard on the elk model and changed the grind on the clips a...
  6. R Appleby

    Mammoth EDC

    Hello all, It's been a while since I've anything available, Here is a nice little EDC I hope you will like. Blade:4 inch flat ground Damascus Bolster; Damascus Handle; Mammoth Ivory Bark on a tapered Tang. OAL; 8 1/4 inches Sheath; Tooled 8/9 oz Wickett & Craig leather pouch with lamb skin...
  7. R Appleby

    Woodcraft knife

    Hello all, just finished this up for a customer. I really enjoy making these old patterns. The grind on this one goes from the spine to the cutting edge in one continuous convex grind. Hope ya like it Blade; 4 3/8ths inch convex groundsatin finished AEB-L with knurled spine. Guard; 416SS...
  8. R Appleby

    Some recent projects

    Clip Point Hunter Hello all , Just finished this hope you like it Blade; 3 inch hollow ground san mai (1095/410ss)Aldos first batch Guard; 416ss Handle; Giraffe bone on a tapered tang 416ss frame. OAL; 7 inches Sheath; Wickett & Craig 8/9oz tooled leather pouch EDC Blade; 4 inch...
  9. R Appleby

    Couple of new sheaths

    Hello every one, I recently bought a few new leather tools. I really like the results. Thanks for looking
  10. R Appleby

    NYS, Hideout, Dagger

    Hello Everyone, Here are a New York special and a hideout in a 600 grit hand rubbed satin finish 440C with amber stag red liners and tapered tang. I am also working on a small integral dagger between tasks. Dagger is 600 grit hand rubbed S35VN with mammoth bark inlays and a little file work...
  11. R Appleby

    Drop Point Hunter

    Hello all, I have a drop point hunter available, hope ya like it. Blade; 4 inch hollow ground acid darkened D2 with knurled spine. Handle; Brazilian rosewood with tapered tang on red liners. OAL; 8 1/2 inches Sheath; 8/9oz beeswaxed leather pouch. Price; $185.00 plus $10.00 shipping...
  12. R Appleby

    Latest off the bench

    Hello all here are a few most recent completed projects Woodcraft Blade: 4 1/2 inch flat ground to a convexed edge satin finished S35VN. Guard: 416SS Handle: White tail deer antler with black and red spacers. OAL; 9 inches Sheath; 8/9 oz bees waxed leather pouch Drop poits...
  13. R Appleby

    Ball Handle belt knife

    Hello all, I damaged my arm a while back so I don't do much forging anymore unless its light forge work and that doesn't happen very often. I had the wife in the shop one day for a show and tell demonstration and this is what came of it. Hope ya like it. Blade; 4 5/8ths inch flat ground...
  14. R Appleby

    Amber Stag Hunter

    Hello all, I don't get to post much. Here I have a hunter available. Amber Stag Hunter Blade; 3 3/8ths inch hollow ground 1095/410SS San Mai steel. Handle; Amber dyed sambar stag. Guard/Pommel; 416SS with black G10 spacers OAL; 7 inches Sheath; Brown dyed 8/9oz tooled leather pouch...
  15. R Appleby

    Scagel crown stag hunter

    Here again is another Scagel styled hunter. I hope you all find it to be a good representation of Scagels work. Blade; 6 inch convex ground hand rubbed satin finished S35VN Guard; Nickel Handle; leather, brass, copper, nickel and micarta. Pommel; White tail crown OAL; 11 1/4 inches...
  16. R Appleby


    Hello All, Nothin fancy but glad to get another project off the list. A long while back a workmate lost his issued Kabar and asked me to make him a new one. So here it is. Blade; 7 inch, Bead blasted, Saber ground with fuller, CPM S35VN Guard; 440C Handle; Bead Blasted Black G10 Pommel...
  17. R Appleby

    Integral Damascus Kukri

    Steel, 1080/15N20 Twist from Randy Haas. HHH Custom Knives Blade 8 inches Overall; 12 3/4 Sheath; felt lined wooden core wrapped with leather. The throat and tip are nickel with a nickel stud and ball finial. Thanks for looking
  18. R Appleby

    Kukri in progress

    Kukri in progress ( With Updated Pro pics) Hello everyone haven't been able to get in the shop a lot but, here is what I've working on. Integral Damascus Kukri Steel is 1080/15n20 twist by Randy Haas Blade is 8 inches and 12 3/4 overall. The feel of the knife is very good with the weight...
  19. R Appleby

    Some recent work

    Hi all, it's been a while since I've posted anything so here goes and hope you like them. Amber Stag hunter; Blade; 3 3/8ths hollow ground 1095/410SS San mai(Aldo's) Fittings; 416 guard and pommel, 410 and black G10 spacers Handle; Amber stag OAL; 7 inches Sheath; 8/9oz Tooled leather...
  20. R Appleby

    Amber Stag Drop Point

    Hi all, here is an Amber Stag drop point I recently finished hope you all like it. Spec's Blade; 4 1/2 inch hollow ground with hand rubbed satin finish S35VN Guard; 416SS Handle; Amber dyed Sambar stag with hiddden pins on G10 ruby red liners and tapered tang OAL;8 7/8ths inches Sheath/...