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  1. Sean Jones

    If you would like to take your Guard/spacer/handle fit up to the next level...

    I've been following Kyle on YouTube for a while now. He is a superb craftsman and a good teacher. His swords are awesome.
  2. Sean Jones

    Kimmi's Cutlery Photos

    Great work Gene!
  3. Sean Jones

    Final steel thickness for chef's knife and also best practice on final sharpening.

    This is basically what I do as well.
  4. Sean Jones

    Need a little help with a very cool project...

    The few sword canes I've handled (like 2) had a twist to release the head from the scabbard. As I recall it felt less than a 1/2 rotation. More like a third. It was quite a while ago, so I could be wrong on the rotation amount, but it was definitely a twist motion.
  5. Sean Jones

    Morland KITH 2020

    Nicely done Dennis!
  6. Sean Jones

    Got my KITH knife from scherf68!

    I've barely started myself. I think it would be helpful to remember that the deadline is in December. A lot of us have more time on our hands now, so every one is jumping right in. However some of us don't for various reasons. In other words, don't sweat it :)
  7. Sean Jones

    Benjy's KITH BUILD

    Very nice!
  8. Sean Jones

    Do you own an oscillating tool??

    That's a good idea. I find hand sanding rather tedious. Particularly if it's a big knife.
  9. Sean Jones

    What's going on in your shop?

    I agree with John... super clean. Nice choice of materials.
  10. Sean Jones

    Couple more getting close

    Beautiful work!
  11. Sean Jones

    McLeish KITH 2020

  12. Sean Jones

    Sean's KITH 2020 for Heikki

    Thanks Heikki. I think I'll go with the Ivory G10 and the Brown Micarta. I'll use the curly maple as backup in case I screw things up...which is always a distinct possibility :)
  13. Sean Jones

    Sean's KITH 2020 for Heikki

    @Heikki here are some handle options I thought might work well. The first is Ivory G10 for a bolster with Brown Micarta for the scales. I've never worked with Micarta before, but I like the look and feel of it. The second is Curly Maple. I also have some Claro Walnut.
  14. Sean Jones

    What's going on in your shop?

    Finally making progress on the chef knife for my grand-daughter. When hand sanding I've had trouble getting the flats...flat. Finally have it flat at 400 grit. Planning to take it to 600. I figured out what I was doing wrong. When I started the initial grind I always use the Bubble jig to at...
  15. Sean Jones

    McLeish KITH 2020

    Yep...I looked it up. Looks like a corkscrew but tinier
  16. Sean Jones

    McLeish KITH 2020

    I didn't know what a gimlet was either; at least not in woodworking. I thought he was fixing himself a Vodka Gimlet. But I'm not sure his holes would be straight if he did.
  17. Sean Jones

    Got my KITH knife from scherf68!

    Very nice! Especially if you've only been doing this for six months. Your leather work is also quite good.
  18. Sean Jones

    Mark’s KITH for Dennis WIP

    Looks good. What wood(s) are you using?
  19. Sean Jones

    GKimmi's 2020 KITH

    Looking good! Good luck on your neck surgery. I've considered disc replacement for both my back and neck. So I'd be interested in hearing how that goes for you.
  20. Sean Jones

    Brad's KITH for Chris Reiley

    Looking good!