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  1. christopher

    Buff Hawk

    Hi This one ive used Buffalo horn from Northern Territory . Spotted gum from New South Wales for haft . One inch coil spring from Victoria . Bit of scratching hope you like thanks Chris
  2. christopher

    In Flokis style Dragon ship builders war axe

    Made from rasp , wrap and weld style, forged steel fittings heavily brass brushed. Brass inlays ,bit of chiseling 24ct gold back grounding ,spotted gum haft. thanks for your time. Chris
  3. christopher

    The Pontihawk

    Farriers rasp . amarican walnut haft ,horse hair .beads studs ,leather wrap . Thanks Chris
  4. christopher

    Hawk heart

    Farriers rasp hawk ,rope wrap Chris
  5. christopher

    From Rasp again

    Using the rasps up hope you like . American walnut haft ,jingle cones .beading ,Horse hair Drop ,bit scratchng,feathers . leather wrap and a sorta used look i hope. Chris
  6. christopher


    Got a couple of rasps of a farrier so i had to use the up lol hope you like thanks.Chris
  7. christopher

    Farriers Hawk

    Hi a farrier asked me the other day to make him a hawk out of his rasp he was using so i finnish up like this hope you like , Chris
  8. christopher


    This is a wrought hawk 2 bits welded ,flatened ,wrap and weld with file cutting edge forged in hope you like . Chris
  9. christopher

    Wrought Hawk

    Wrought iron hawk .I used 4 bars on this to make enough material twisted flatend wrap and welded and etched , w1 cutting edge. brass studs .deer , horse tail beading .raw hide one pic before etch, hope you like Chris
  10. christopher

    Bit of franciscan ish

    Hi this is forged from 5160 1 inch coil spring Used Osage Orange on haft to see how it looked thats all i had will have to change tho grains not right but ok for a look see bit of scratching jillinge style . thanks Chris .
  11. christopher


    Forged from 1045 jilinge style patterns . thanks for looking Chris
  12. christopher

    THE Viking

    Same material as the Norse and the Sweed hope you like , Chris
  13. christopher

    The Sweed

    Same material as the Norse on this one .Thank you . Chris
  14. christopher

    The Norse.

    Had this piece of 1045 x 3/4 square so thought i would put it to use ,Thanks Chris
  15. christopher

    Rai spike knife l

    Made this one a while ago not sure weather i showed it so here it is , This one i put a t back on with twisted handle wire wraped and clay hardened . bit of engraving Chris
  16. christopher


    Hi just finished this one hope you like from coil ,copper and raw hide wraps , beading and a hawk drop with hawk bells , deer buttons copper jingle cones with horse and deer . thanks Chris
  17. christopher

    3 Hawks one with Spanish influence

    3 hawks slit and drift style from 1 inch coil , one with a bit of Spanish influence hope you like Chris
  18. christopher

    Afew more finished over the chrisy breake

    One is wrap welded the others are slit and drift .bleeding hearts in 2 raw hide wraps, beads ,jingle cones , dear wrap ,horse hair,brass tacks Chris
  19. christopher

    afew from Rasps

    And a rasp knife
  20. christopher

    gunstock club

    blade is forged from 5160 coil . copper jingle cones , horse hair , brass studs not sure of type of wood . Chris