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    Drying an Oak Burl

    Recently I came across a red oak burl and harvested it. The burl was attached to a tree that had rotted and fallen to the ground where it laid for a number of years. While the tree itself was rotten and crumbling, the burl was rock solid. It was a large burl and altogether weighed 300-400...
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    Help re contact wheel

    Hey guys I have a problem. I am new at knife making, having only made three or four knives. I bought a used Wilton grinder and today I put the large contact wheel on it. Up till now I have been using the platen with the smaller wheels. I wanted to see the difference in grinding with the...
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    New Guy needing some help

    Guys I have been lurking for a bit trying to learn as much as possible and it has been helpful. Over the July 4th holidays I had an opportunity to complete the metal work on blade number 3, 4, and 5. Numbers 3 and 5 were blades I ground out of 440C. Number 4 was one I ground out of 1080. My...