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    Blade Show 2020

    Yesterday we cancelled our room at the Embassy Suite for the Blade show. Too many foreign travelers and shoulder to shoulder knife enthusiasts to take a chance at our ages (71 and 70).
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    File Tribute knife

    Very thoughtful and great workmanship.
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    Quick question.

    That sounded like a conundrum within an enigma inside a puzzle.
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    Important Safety tip:

    You guys are making me a bit afraid to go back to my shop, lol. Over the years I have had a thumb and little finger put back together by an orthopedic surgeon on two occasions. Bet you can't guess which revolving piece of equipment I was using. And, yes, the buffer is a dangerous tool.
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    Christmas orders..

    Well done.
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    Cutting Even Bevels

    Sorry for duplicating what Anthony posted. We do have several knife makers in NW Arkansas, including those he mentioned.
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    Cutting Even Bevels

    I think Allen Newberry lives in the Rogers, AR area and does some teaching/schools. You might look him up and see if he would agree to you spending some time with him. I have no idea what he would charge for a few hours, but it would be worth checking into. I also think he was a Forged In...
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    Cutting Even Bevels

    JJ, if I understand your problem correctly, one bevel has a straight line from your plunge cut to the upper part of the blade where you end the grind. On the other side of the knife, your bevel has a curve (smiley face) from the plunge cut to where you end the grind toward the front end of the...
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    EDC 1/8 or 3/16?

    I tend to make EDCs .140 to .152 and horizontal carry in Kydex sheaths.
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    Prayers for my wife as she battles cancer

    Prayers continue for complete healing.
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    Prayers for my wife as she battles cancer

    Prayers for your wife's complete healing. Cancer sucks and it's terribly frightening to receive that diagnosis. I have had it 4x (colon cancer, prostate, thyroid and cancer under tongue) but have been very fortunate. Never had to have chemo except for a thimble full of radioactive iodine to...
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    8 inch sanding discs

    Fireman, Tru-Grit carries them. Rick
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    A Lil’ Christmas Story (Updated with Secret Santa Info!!!)

    You guys are beyond special. What a great thing to do and it inspires all of us as it should. Thanks for sharing this wonderful holiday giving.
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    Received My KITH From Dennis Morland

    Great job, Dennis.
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    Finished Hunting Knife

    Well done.
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    First Oyster Knife

    Graceful looking and beautiful to boot. Well done.
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    Having surgery tomorrow

    Prayers that your health is completely restored and all pain alleviated.
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    Hamon blade complete

    Great job.
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    First try at Hamon

    I'd say you did a great job. Well done, sir.