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  1. Mr.Svinarich

    A small predicament...

    Yesterday I received my first oven, an Evenheat artisan 688. During packaging someone put a blade fixture inside the chamber. upon its adventures through the states with UPS the blade fixture rattled, pins went everywhere and the surface of the chamber was damaged. The thermocouple at the back (...
  2. Mr.Svinarich

    HT of a Sabatier

    Here is the background, I landed a bid on ebay for some annealed Sabatier blanks. Internet searches revel nothing more about specific steel type. I do know that it is a simple carbon steel, that's about it. I'm guessing (more like wild speculation) that its like a 10xx steel in some form or...
  3. Mr.Svinarich

    What are you listening to?

    Any songs (or albums) stuck in your head recently? Post them for us!:nothing: Simon and Garfunkel- Greatest Hits