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  1. Bill Hubbell

    Last Hammer-In... Hint Hint

    I was pretty out of the loop for about a year, but got back a month or two ago. Thing is- I keep wondering if there's any thoughts or talk (Boss Dog) about a future hammer-in. I made it to the last one (in 2016?), and was so glad I did. I was amazed. I've only been to a couple other smaller...
  2. Bill Hubbell

    Etched vs Stamped Maker's Mark

    Looking for input. I have been using stencils (I bought) to etch my makers mark, have never tried anything else, but have always wondered if a stamp would be a better way to go (for me). I also had a bad experience with a defective stencil, but that's not the reason I'm considering a stamp. I...
  3. Bill Hubbell

    Heat Treated Stainless Steel for stock-removal kitchen knife

    I made my wife a little paring knife this Christmas. She thinks it's great. I was up for making some real cool chef's knife, or maybe a cleaver, but she kept insisting she wanted a little paring knife. So, of course, she got one (and she loves it). But, a few times when I've mentioned another...
  4. Bill Hubbell

    Question about finishing scales

    These two are almost there. Just a little more sanding, handle-finish, and touch up the edge. Looking for advice on handle finish. Neither are stabilized. I believe the larger one is burl ambonya, amboyna, ? I don't know what wood the smaller one is- the grain isn't as tight as the ambonya...
  5. Bill Hubbell

    ATP Anti-Scale in a gas forge

    Looking for input- I am making a new blade for a lock-blade folder that my wife gave me about 30 years ago for an anniversary present. I was stupid enough back then to let a hardware store employee 'sharpen' my knife. He destroyed it, and it's been sitting in my drawer ever since. I've never...
  6. Bill Hubbell

    God's Wrath/Love

    This morning's message really seemed to resonate with me. Our pastor lead off by stating that we can never understand the depth of God's love toward us, without first understanding the depth of God's wrath toward sin. Sin, our sin, brings us death, spiritual death. God hates sin (as should we)...
  7. Bill Hubbell

    Interesting Camillus Navy Knife- I wish it could talk

    I just got this knife from my sister, She deals in everything from antiques & collectibles to toys and techno. She always seems to think of me when it comes to knives (which I greatly appreciate). I'm not supposing this knife to be of great value, but it has character, and it's starting to 'grow...
  8. Bill Hubbell

    Its the little things in life!

    About a year ago, I saw an old friend at a restaurant. We hadn't seen each other for about a year, and he said "Oh! I have something for you out in my truck". I followed him out and he gave me this old E.C. Solingen 24X. All that was left was the blade, pommel/butt cap, and one of the thin...
  9. Bill Hubbell

    Stag Handles Clip Point Rasp Knife- Two Requests

    Here's one I finally finished. Ferrier's Rasp, forged a little to broaden the belly (and for the marks). I had to straighten the stag- all pieces I had were curved too much. Overall: 13 3/4", Blade: 85/8" by 3/16". Request 1: Please comment on things you would have done different or better (and...
  10. Bill Hubbell

    Thanks again, Smithy

    I'm not sure if I put this in the right place. or if I should not have started a new thread.... This is really a thanks to all who have offered me insight in the last year, but it all kind of started with Smithy in December of 2014. I had only belonged to KnifeDogs for a half hour when he...
  11. Bill Hubbell

    Short Kydex Press Build Video

    Just a quick look at another way to build a kydex press.
  12. Bill Hubbell

    Stencil Lesson Learned

    I guess I learned something tonight (sorry about the low quality phone pics). I was putting my maker's mark on the two knives I recently finished. One was kind of a prototype of a small knife, neck-knife, that I want to make a few more of. I etched it first.It wasn't quite as important as the...
  13. Bill Hubbell

    VFD on a Power Hammer?

    -Worked on my first damascus/pattern welded billet for the second 'session' Saturday. My son and I have worked on it twice now. But, my body keeps saying: build that power hammer now! It's something I've been wanting to do, but have only rounded up a few materials and parts so far. I searched...
  14. Bill Hubbell

    Seeking Input on Woolly Mammoth Tooth Handle

    Hi All I invited my oldest son to join with me in making some 'damascus' and then a knife. I obtained enough 1095 and 15n20 for about three billets. After waiting over a year for our schedules to work out, we started on the damascus the other night. Although I have done a little forge welding...
  15. Bill Hubbell

    Do I?

    -was reading through Ephesians today. I really have no problem with Chapter 5: verses 22 through 24. In fact, I whole-heartedly agree! :clap: But, then I stubbed my toe on verses 25-on. Do I do that? :les: ...and what would that look like in my life?
  16. Bill Hubbell

    Wondering about graphite Diamond Blocks for Heat Treat

    Does anyone know anything about these- like do you, or anyone you know, use anything like this to minimize decarb and scale? Sentry sells them as Diamond Blocks- It looks like a great way to achieve a carbon-rich environment and not deal with foil- but -what do I know- I don't even have an oven...
  17. Bill Hubbell

    Small Wheel Attachment Bearings Running Hot

    I built a small wheel attachment for my 2x72 grinder recently. I used some used bearings and shaft that I had around, so I wasn't too surprised when a bearing went out after about an hour of use. I ordered new bearings and installed them, but they seem to build heat after running only a little...
  18. Bill Hubbell

    Thumb Grip Serrations on a Neck Knife Spine

    My next project is a neck knife. I've been playing with the profile and have pretty much zeroed in on what feels right. Now to see what it feels like in steel form. I want a small grip area on the spine in front of the handle, but have never done any filework on a spine. Does anyone use a thin...
  19. Bill Hubbell

    Anyone seen these?

    Just ran across this - a belt grinder attachment for your bench grinder. I hope I didn't miss it on another thread here and waist everyone's time reading. But, I thought it might be a good fit for someone who can't afford to buy or build a 2x72. I didn't research it much tho...
  20. Bill Hubbell

    Can't believe I got this- (now what do I do with it?)

    I am one thankful man! My brother called the other day and said his boss had a heat treat oven that they were getting rid of (as in mine for the taking!). He works at a tool & die/machine shop. His boss had bought it used, but never hooked it up. He ended up buying a new oven instead, and didn't...