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    Folder bearing question

    I’m considering using caged bearings on my next liner lock and it’ll be a first for me. I’ve seen where guys will recess both the liners as well as the blade for the bearings. I’m curious for anyone’s opinion on how they do it and why. Specifically, how big of a gap between the blade and liner...
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    Koa Hunter

    Finally finished up this 80CrV2 hunter. Handle is stabilized curly Koa. There are several “issues” with the knife, but the 10 year old new owner seems to think it’s pretty cool. So, I’m willing to call it good. Jeremy
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    Any experience with GLOC Quench A?

    I came across this quenchant that someone mentioned regarding what they used for Cru Forge V. It was also mentioned as a good option for 80CrV2. I don’t have experience with medium speed quench oils, but I’ve been looking for something to round out my “system” so I’m not only quenching in Parks...
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    My Surface Grinder Attachment

    I finally have my SGA build going thanks to the folks here. A special thanks to Stromberg as well for the email correspondence and tips along the way. I'm using 3/4" aluminum plate that I had on hand for the magnetic chuck and got the slots all milled out. I think it's 15.5" long and I'm...
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    Liner Lock Project

    I had the good fortune to spend some quality time with my friend John Doyle this summer. He helped me make a liner lock and it was a lot of fun, but it also gave me a lot of tools of how the process goes. I had tried to make my own folder a while back and that didn't go very well. With John's...
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    Finally finished some knives

    A while back I had some struggles with a bird and trout knife I'd made-wouldn't hold it's edge. Finally got the kinks worked out and made some more of them along with some hunters. There were some more bumps along the road, but ended up with 5 finished ones. The bird and trouts started out as...
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    Wet grinding setup

    I got inspired by some recent wet grinding threads and decided to give it a go. I must say, I'm really looking forward to less dust in my small work area. After doing some research, I decided to go with a pump rather than gravity feed. I picked up a Ryobi wet saw pump at the big box home store...
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    First tomahawks and a hatchet

    I was able to go to a friend's shop earlier in the week and he helped walk me through the various steps of forging some tomahawks. He also had a little hatchet that I really liked so I forged one similar to it out. The first here was made out of some cable Damascus I'd made a while back. The...
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    Got one finished

    I haven't really posted much on this site, but have lurked for quite a long time. I'm a long ways from really good at making knives, but one thing I do know is it's hard to get better without input. I just finished this knife (6th completed knife) and was able to do so after a great visit to...
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    My 2nd Knife

    A friend helped me get into this and we made my first knife together, a little bugger I gave my dad. Being addicted after that, I'm now about finished with my 2nd knife, the first I've done all myself. I don't have any belt grinders, so most all of this was done with hand tools and a LOT of...