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  1. Chris Railey

    Tempering question I have often pondered

    It may sound like a dumb question but I am curious on this one. Let’s say I am working with X steel and my HT is shooting for an as quenched hardness of 65. Lets say my temper recipe is shooting for 61. Now if, for some reason I only got to 63 on my quench. Will my temper draw 4 points of...
  2. Chris Railey

    How do you display your knives?

    An awesome local store wants me to put a small display case and some blacksmith items (including a few knives) in their store which is very kind of them. Its a great opportunity for some exposure but I want the display to look decent not "rednecked up" like I tend to do other things. Does...
  3. Chris Railey

    Block handles

    Ok I am gonna transition into making some through tang knives because its something I have not done and involves some new skills for me to develop. Can you guys please give me some advice on making block handles. Like do you shape or drill first? Is there a size block you like to start with...
  4. Chris Railey

    That hurt (Graphic bloody picture)

    This is what the thin edge of a 60 Grit Cubitron II running WAO will do to your finger when you are stupid enough to adjust your light while the grinder is running. Blood on the floor, blood on my chair, blood on my work bench, blood on the hood of my car. Looks like a crime scene in my shop...
  5. Chris Railey

    Has anyone tried to make San-Mai with 316 stainless?

    I have some 316 stainless a friend gave me from a job. I looked it up and it has a low carbon content something like .06. I have been wanting to try some stainless San-Mai with a HC core. Any reason to think 316 would not work?
  6. Chris Railey

    Important Metallurgical question.

    We all know that it is important to thoroughly clean all of your steel when attempting to forge weld a billet of any kind. Little pieces of scale or other contaminates can surely interfere with a good weld. In fact, we all have welded a billet and had it fail or at least contain some...
  7. Chris Railey

    I have never used a Heat Treat oven, but starting tomorrow I will...some

    So what is the accepted practice in general when heat treating in an oven. When I harden the steel do I let it ramp up with the oven or keep the steel out and introduce it after the oven is at proper temp? If you leave it out until the oven is at temp how do you know when to start your hold...
  8. Chris Railey

    Its all done.

    Shop wiring upgrade all finished. I rewired my grinder for its new home on a dedicated 220v circuit. Man what a difference on 220v. Of course I had to test it by leaning into a piece on the flat platen. Never slowed it down. Test fired the HT oven, no problems there either. I tested my...
  9. Chris Railey

    Switching my grinder over to 220 volt. What do I need?

    I have a three phase 2 HP. motor running through a KBAC 27D controller on 110 volt. I am going to change it to 220 volt running through the same 27D. I know I need to re-wire my motor to run on 220 (the diagram is on the side of the motor) and I need to switch my Jumper wire on the 27D from...
  10. Chris Railey

    One year review of my 12 ton forge press

    I am a hobby blacksmith who also makes knives here and there. I bought the Coal Ironworks 12 ton press about a year ago. The press came with everything except the hydraulic fluid. It also came with flat dies and drawing dies. The dies look like this and are extremely easy to make. They are...
  11. Chris Railey

    I may actually shed a tear...

    After a long process and much aggravation my shop is being re-wired next week. Two new dedicated 120 circuits And one 240. Since my grinder can be run off of 120 or 240 should I change it over to 240 because I can? It would take me the full 2hp of my motor. I also finally get to use my HT...
  12. Chris Railey

    Anyone used the Rockwell Testing Files?

    I would like to have a way to test the hardness of my blades other than skating a regular file or breaking it like glass. I know the files may only indicate a five point difference but at least its a ballpark. I have read a couple of things that suggest with practice on known samples you may...
  13. Chris Railey

    Weird Gun Kote/Etch problem

    Its hard to tell but under this brown coating is an extremely cool 1080/15N20 Go-Mai blade I made up last weekend. I etched it as normal then neutralized with glass cleaner (with ammonia). After neutralizing I blew it dry with compressed air then immediately coated with Gun Kote. Before I put...
  14. Chris Railey

    What are these called and where do I get some

    I need some of these small screw fasteners. Where can I get some?
  15. Chris Railey

    Best friction folder so far.

    Friction folder with 80crv2 blade, etched and Gun Koted. 410 stainless liners with maple burl scales. She weighs in at 2.8 ounces.
  16. Chris Railey

    I have to say it...Respect to Ben Abbott

    Have you seen the sword Abbott built on a recent episode where the judges challenge each other to build something. He built a historic sword that was so technical I could not believe he got it on the first try. I have not seen such a technical build since Kevin Cashen and his friend built that...
  17. Chris Railey

    What in the He## was THAT!

    There I were forge welding up some Go-Mai and setting my first weld by hand and BAM sounded like a firecracker went off when I hit the steel. Scared me a little. I have forge welded quite a bit and NEVER had that before. What gives?
  18. Chris Railey

    AEB-L for San-Mai?

    Has anyone forge welded AEB-L? I want to use some stainless for San-Mai cladding and all I have is AEB-L.
  19. Chris Railey

    Twelve inch San-Mai Gyuto

    Twelve inch Gyuto in 1084 and mild steel San-Mai. Satin Clear KG Gun Kote finish. Stabilized Maple Burl handle from Gene Kimmi. The recipient does not mind forge marks so I left him one near the spine for good measure.
  20. Chris Railey

    I could not resist...(pics)

    A little test etch before hand sanding. Twelve inch Gyuto from 1084 and mild steel San-Mai. Those marks are not Delaminations near the spine it is a deep forge mark.