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    Basics of Drill Selection

    Here is a good video for those of you with questions about types, coatings, & angles of drill bits. This video gives you the information needed to properly select drills for your needs. The only thing that I will add is that no matter what type of drill you choose, using the proper speed & feed...
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    M390 Sendero with dyed Black Ash burl.

    Some of y'all know that I hate taking, editing, & posting pics but I thought I'd show this one off. As stated, the blade is B/U M390 @ Hrc-62 with a 400 grit belt finish. 416 SS guard & pins. Dyed & stabilized Black Ash burl with mortised construction. 5" cutting edge. 1.25" edge to spine. 5"...
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    Scagel inspired hunter/skinner

    I've always wanted to do something Scagel styled and I finally got around to it. It didn't come out perfect but I learned what I need to know to do them right from now on. Blade is AEB-L @ 62 RC with a FFG and 600 grit hand rubbed finish. 4.5" long, 1.5" wide, & just shy of 1/8" thick at the...
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    Bowie in CPM-154 & Sambar Stag

    Haven't posted anything in a while so I thought I'd prove that I do still make a knives. LOL Blade is CPM-154 with a FFG and a 1000 grit finish. Handle is mortised and is Amber Stag. Guard is wrought iron. Spacers are 416 SS & bronze. It balances right in the center of the Ricasso & feels...
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    Tempering slip-joint springs

    I should know this but I don't. The data sheets that I have stop at or around 52-55 RC. I'm working on some springs in A2 & AEB-L and want to get them down to approx. 48 RC. Anyone know what I need to draw them at to get them down to that. I'll be hardening the A2 @ 1775 and the AEB-L @ 1980...
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    Small Bowie

    I haven't posted anything lately because I've mostly been making plain vanilla stuff. It aint fun or fancy but hey, it pays the bills. Got an order for something a little more interesting so I thought I'd see what y'all think. 440C, Stag, 416 fittings, with a coined Bronze spacer. 6 1/8" tip to...
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    3V & Stag Kiridashi

    While I was making this dashi, I kept mulling over ideas for handle material. Anybody who knows me knows I like stuff that's different and realized that I had never seen a dashi with Stag on it so that settled it. Its 1/4" 3V @ RC 62 with a ~2 5/8" cutting edge and an overall length of approx...
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    4V & Curly Koa

    My photography skills don't do this one justice. The 3D Chatoyance of this Koa is outstanding in person. The design and materials were chosen by the customer.
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    S35VN, Spalted Maple, & Buckeye Burl

    The blade is S35VN at RC 62 with a full flat grind and a 400X hand rubbed finish. Spalted maple bolsters with hidden pins. Buckeye Burl Scales with mosaic pins. The design and materials were chosen by the customer.
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    My 1st slip joint

    I've been reading, researching, & bugging anyone who would answer questions about how to make slip joints for almost 3 years. I finally decided that it was time to get off the fence and try one. I want to thank Stan Buzek, Todd Davidson, & Bill DeShivs for taking the time to share their...
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    Z-Tuff Chopper

    A while back Chuck Bybee sent me a piece of Z-Tuff which is a new experimental steel from Zapp. It is supposed to be as tough as S7 with the edge holding of A2. We shall see because I'm gonna do a pass-around with it and let people beat it like a rented mule. I hardened it to ~62 HRC and gave...
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    10V & Black Canvas Micarta

    10V at RC-63 with a flat grind and belt finish. 416 bolsters & Black Canvas Micarta scales. .163" thick at the Ricasso, ~7" tip to scales, 12.25" overall length. Weight is 13.1 oz.. Gonna test this one hard to prove that 10V is tougher than people think. I have a few testers lined up to beat...
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    A couple of 7" Chef knives

    These are headed to Steven Garsson. One for the DesRosiers benefit and the other for the Russ Andrews benefit. They are both 7" long, 2" at the heel, & made from .100" thick at the Ricasso with a nice distal taper. Overall lengths are ~12". Both have a 400X hand rubbed finish, are bolted up with...
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    Latest one out of the shop

    I haven't posted anything here in a while so I thought I would show this one. The blade is S35-VN @ RC-61 with a 600X hand rubbed finish, 416 bolsters and pins, & Mammoth Ivory scales. My poor photography doesn't do it justice.
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    KITH Reminder

    Ok guys tomorrow is the last day to post pics of your entries. I will close it at midnight pacific time tomorrow night. I will do the drawing and post the results Wed. afternoon. I will PM everybody the mailing address for their recipient Your entry should be in the mail no later than 12/10/15...
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    Mammoth Ivory Scales

    I have a project going and I'm having trouble finding what I need. I thought I would call out to the dogs and see if y'all might be able to help. I need some bark ivory scales. Minimum dimensions are 3.75" X 1 & 5/8" X 3/16". If you have something in this size range please post some pics and...
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    Christmas KITH Questions, PICS & Updates

    If you have a question, wanna post a pic, or give us an update about the Christmas KITH please do it here. The other thread is for entries only. WIPS for your KITH entries are encouraged but not required.
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    Christmas KITH

    OK, first off, for all those who don't know what a KITH is, it means, Knife in the Hat. This is going to be a Knifemakers KITH so that means you will make a knife and send it to someone else and in return, you will receive a knife from another maker. To keep this thread from getting too...
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    3 Sharpfingers and a Sendero

    I haven't posted anything in a while and I had a few minutes to spare so I thought I'd show these off. They were all commissioned by the same customer. The Sharpfingers are handled with some Stabilized Cypress from an old camp the customer used to hunt out of. He's gonna keep one and give the...
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    New Shop Pics

    Hey guys, I've been wanting to do this for a while and this morning I thought I would actually do so. Here they are with a little description of each even though they should be pretty much self-explanatory. 1. I'll start with the clean room which is inside my house. Hardness tester is up first...