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  1. Owl

    Winkler rescale

    Well done! Looks great.
  2. Owl

    New shop question

    I'm with MTBob about not purchasing any Horrible Fright tools that have to be plugged in. However I do buy some cheap stuff like spring clamps. For me about 75% of them survive the first use, and I figure I'm still ahead cause they're so cheap. Here's a good article that explains HF in terms we...
  3. Owl

    Not funny to me April fools

    So, OK, if they wanted to do something for April Fool's day, this would have been more appropriate...
  4. Owl

    Not funny to me April fools

    I received an email today from a place called Maverick Abrasives saying "Your PO #3249 order confirmation". I've no idea who this is and I haven't placed an order. The email only contained ads for their disc abrasives. Based on this I would never place an order there, or with Combat I suppose.
  5. Owl

    What's going on in your shop?

    Good looking knife, Daniel. How do you finish out your G-Carta? I like the material but sometimes I have a hard time getting a nice finish.
  6. Owl

    New Around Here

    Welcome to KD!
  7. Owl

    All black/dark knife question

    It depends on your handle material. Most dark woods and synthetics will not be affected by ferric. You would have to test it first on a scrap piece of your handle material.. I use a lot of ironwood scales and damascus, After the handle shaping I use a Q tip to apply ferric along the exposed...
  8. Owl

    Harold Corby

    Wow! What a great story and information. Would love to hear more from him.
  9. Owl

    Looking for a Tapping head for my drill press

    I bought a used Tapmatic 30X on Fleabay a couple years ago. They show up there all the time, but they aren't real cheap. It works well for the small stuff I use. Make sure you get the collets with it if you buy one.
  10. Owl

    What's going on in your shop?

    Your knife looks great. Sheaths are a whole different skill set. I finally took a class which helped out a lot, but it still takes practice. Did you start your sheath with a pattern? I use file folders to draw out and cut a pattern before cutting the leather. DeMo or some of the other leather...
  11. Owl

    Belt slides on platen

    Sounds as though you don't have enough belt tension.
  12. Owl

    Working with dry ice questions

    I got some 1/2"x2"x12" aluminum plates and drilled a hole in each end for a 5/16" bolt. I sandwich each blade between two of these immediately after the plate quench, and they stay in there through cryo ( I use LN ) and during tempering. I haven't had warps since I started doing this. I suppose...
  13. Owl

    building a cannon...

    Oh yeah! Sweet! We will need a video, of course, Steve.:D
  14. Owl

    Tru Oil tip

    How many coats of Teak oil are you using?
  15. Owl

    Trizact Belts

    I was amazed at how much faster I learned when I had an instructor standing with me at the grinder. Books and YT videos are OK but it just isn't nearly as good as in person teaching. If you can take a class or work with a bladesmith in your area it will boost you way up on the learning curve. I...
  16. Owl

    Trizact Belts

    Post HT I have been using Norton Blaze 50 and 120, then Trizact A65, A45, A30. Leaves a nice finish.
  17. Owl

    Trizact Belts

    Tru-Grit has them.
  18. Owl

    Trizact Belts

    the 347FC series can be used wet. I ordered some last month and they work fine with my misting system.
  19. Owl

    I have to say it...Respect to Ben Abbott

    Yep, that was a very impressive build. But during that whole session I was thinking about how much skill and effort must have gone into the original. Imagine doing all that forge welding without the benefit of modern power equipment and materials.
  20. Owl

    Hello from New York! First-ever knife completed yesterday.

    welcome to the addiction