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  1. J.Leclair

    Native pattern slipjoint

    Hey all, here's a couple pictures of a recent build I finished up. Native Blade and spring made from 154cm stainless with marbled carbon fiber bolsters, purple G10 spacer and shredded Carbon fiber and gold leaf scales. Thanks for looking, please let me know what you think Have a knife day Native...
  2. J.Leclair

    Double blade trapper

    Double blade trapper My first multiple blade slipjoint as well as my first successful shield inlay. Twist pattern damasteel blades, Nitro-v springs. Stainless bolsters and liners with end grain mammoth ivory scales, stainless steel wing shield. Thanks for looking, please let me know what you...
  3. J.Leclair

    Mini Native

    Mini Native slipjoint 25% smaller than the full sized Native this one is 5-3/4" long when open, with a 2.5" blade. 154cm blade and spring with stainless liners, burlap micarta scales, blue G10 bolster and a white G10 spacer. Thanks for looking, Please let me know what you think. *Available* Have...
  4. J.Leclair


    Native pattern slipjoint 154cm blade and spring with stainless liners, burlap micarta scales and red G10 bolsters and a white G10 spacer. 6 3/4" long open with a 3" blade thanks to Andy Fannin for sharing this pattern I really like how this one turned out. Thanks for looking, Please let me know...
  5. J.Leclair


    Hey Dogs, its been quite a while since I have posted here. Wanted to share a few of my recent slipjoint folders. Thanks for looking Please let me know what you think Have a knife day
  6. J.Leclair

    Mammoth Tsunami chef knife

    13.5" overall length with a 9" blade that stands 2" tall at the heel. Made from HHH Knives, Tsunami pattern damascus steel with Mammoth tooth handle stainless bolsters and white G10 liners. Thanks for looking StaySharp
  7. J.Leclair

    My 5th slipjoint

    Just finished my 5th slipjoint. Ladder pattern Damascus blade with 440c spring. Handles are carbon fiber with blaze orange G10 liners 7" overall when open 4" closed Thanks for looking StaySharp
  8. J.Leclair

    Lanny's clip slipjoint

    Hey guys. Got my 4th slipjoint done today. Went with a lanny's clip pattern 6.5" overall when open and 3.75" closed. The handle is mammoth bone with black micarta and camel bone spacers and brass bolsters. Deffinately better than my last one so I'm very happy with it. Thanks for looking...
  9. J.Leclair

    15" chef

    Hey guys another chef knife in the books. This one is 15" overall with a 10" blade. Made from 1/16" 440c and tempered to around 62rc. It stands 2-1/8" tall at the heel and is ground to 0.01 at the edge before sharpening. The handle material is some great purple dyed stabilized maple burl with...
  10. J.Leclair

    Damascus Santoku

    Ladder pattern Damascus Santoku style knife. 13.5" overall length with an 8.5" blade Handle material is some nice stabilized dyed cast resin maple burl handles from RCI One stainless rear pin one mosaic front pin. Thanks for looking StaySharp
  11. J.Leclair

    Piggyback sheath

    Just finished this set and decided to do a piggyback sheath. I had never tried one before but I think it came out good. Thanks for looking StaySharp
  12. J.Leclair

    Blue duo

    This pair is in alabama damascus' wave pattern The bigger one is 8.25" overall with a 3.75" blade The smaller one is 6" overall with a 3" blade Both have dyed/stabilized maple burl with stainless steel tube/pin and mosaic pins Thanks for looking StaySharp
  13. J.Leclair

    Damascus and Bone duo

    Hey guys got two more done. Both are buckshot pattern Damascus from Alabama damascus. First is a drop point. 8" overall with a 3.5 " blade. Handle is cocobolo with a bone bolster. Second is a large hunter. 9.5" total length with a 5 " blade Handle is camel bone Hit this one with the...
  14. J.Leclair

    B&T and a skinner

    Just finished these two. First is a skinner in buckshot pattern damascus. 7" overall with a 3" blade. The handles are sheep horn. Next is a nice little bird and trout knife. 7" overall with a 3" blade. The handle is some really nice stabilized curly Koa. Thanks for looking
  15. J.Leclair

    Hunter and a skinner

    Just delivered this hunter and skinner to their new owner. 3.5" blade 7" oal 154cm with some really cool double dyed (red/black) stabilized box elder burl The Drop point hunter is 154cm 8.5" OAL 4" blade and a 4.5 " handle. Two piece handle, micarta bolsters with Redwood burl behind. Used...
  16. J.Leclair

    Damascus and York gum burl

    This is one of my larger hunters made this one from alabama damascus. It is "9 overall with a 5" blade and some crazy Australian York Gum burl handles with stainless pins. I did the etch in boiling vinegar. Only took about half an hour to get it done. Trying somthing new with the sheath so...
  17. J.Leclair

    Black ash burl skinner

    Another one hot off the bench. 7.5 " total length with a 3.5 " 154cm blade. The handle is some awsome black ash burl with stainless pins and blaze orange G10 liners Thanks for looking StaySharp @@@@@
  18. J.Leclair

    Wenge Drop point

    Hey guys just finished this drop point hunter for a custom order. 154 cm with Wenge handles 4" blade with 4.5 " handle Wenge wood scales attached with 2 nickle silver tubes and one stainless steel pin. The sheath has a dual carry belt strap Thanks for looking StaySharp
  19. J.Leclair

    Hardness question

    Hey dogs, I've got a batch of blades that will be heading to heat treatment tomorrow. Among them is my first kitchen chopper/cleaver. I used 2"x 3/16" 440c and it is 11.5" long from tip to tail with a 5.5" handle. My question is regarding what rc I should be asking for as the customer told me he...
  20. J.Leclair

    Dagger ground drop point

    Dagger ground 5160 utility knife with stabilized Redwood burl handles. 3.5" blade with full length false edge 4" handle made from 1/4" 5160