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  1. TimGinMN

    Carving knives?

    I knew a guy years ago who was making whittling/carving knives out of hacksaw blades. Not sure how he put handles on them, probably just a split dowel sandwich with tape wrapped around it... but man he got those things sharp!
  2. TimGinMN

    A Hunter, a Boner, and a Chef Don’t Walk into a Bar

    OK. So I use the band saw to cut the handle to shape with pointy sharp edges and then 80 grit sandpaper to make it have no point edges... and that's now convoluted?
  3. TimGinMN

    no spammer

    Same here. Mom fried it in butter with brown sugar and served it with a canned pineapple ring on top.
  4. TimGinMN

    no spammer

    I tried smoking SPAM once... it's hard to keep lit.
  5. TimGinMN

    no spammer

    My name is Tim... and I'm a spammer.
  6. TimGinMN

    When pins get hot

    Anybody use aluminum pins?
  7. TimGinMN

    When pins get hot

    Yes, gotta slow down I've found and do little bits at a time so the heat doesn't build up. I assume stainless is denser and probably heats up faster and holds heat longer than brass. I have scorched the wood around pins ( and called it a "special effect") and melted the innards out of a mosaic...
  8. TimGinMN

    Cabinet maker rasps- worth the money?

    I notice that the style of rasp he is using looks awkward to hold onto on the front end. I think the one Rockler (more $ of course) sells and one of those referred to earlier on amazon have a detachable raised handle that helps make even pressure strokes.
  9. TimGinMN

    Cabinet maker rasps- worth the money?

    The ones I've seen at Rockler look like a spiderweb of hacksaw blades on edge. The one you show appears to be reversible with two different degrees of raspiness. I think they can take material off fairly quickly, but don't know how rough a surface they leave.
  10. TimGinMN


    Thanks Gene!
  11. TimGinMN

    Kimmi's Cutlery Photos

    That Koa is really iridescent (I think that's the right word). Gorgeous!
  12. TimGinMN

    Opinions on Design

    That's really cool looking! Am I understanding this right... Is the front portion/guard going to be damascus and flow with the pattern in the blade? That looks tricky. What material are you thinking for the scales?
  13. TimGinMN


    Thanks all! Really appreciate the guidance, support and inspiration from this forum!
  14. TimGinMN


    I hadn't either until my brother bought me some turning blanks at Woodcaft as a Christmas present. Here's info:
  15. TimGinMN


    "Bonefish" blade (from USAKnifemaker) with Maple(?) burl and Brownheart scales, red accents and mosaic pins just finished up... and a sheath I made for another knife but fits this one better...
  16. TimGinMN

    First leather sheath.

    Looks a lot better than my first sheath... or second or third for that matter! Nice job! If you used spring clamps when gluing or wet forming, they can leave indentations too. I use scrap pieces of leather as clamp pads when doing that.
  17. TimGinMN

    Easy and cheap file handles

    Mini-Golf is more my style... less frustrating. :p
  18. TimGinMN


    I have a million dollar liability policy because of my work with Scouts and other organizations, and since we have frequent garage sales, etc. Not a bad thing to have. I got it through the agent who does our homeowners insurance.
  19. TimGinMN

    Need some leather working advice.

    I started with a couple of basic tools I bought at Hobby Lobby on their weekly 40% off coupon - Basketweave and a border stamp. And some heavy duty needles and waxed cotton stitching thread. I used an old fork for marking equal distance line for holes and a nail in the drill press to make the...
  20. TimGinMN

    Looking for a short cut

    I have a pair of fingerless biking gloves that have quite a bit of padding on the palm area... wonder if something like that would help ease the vibration?